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  1. If it means freeing up 6 million I'm all for it, he can be replaced at a much lower salary via UFA or even internally. I'm thinking the way Rathbone and Woo have been playing together in the AHL they should be given a chance on the third pairing. If that doesn't work out give them another year in the AHL but then moving forward we'd have: Hughes - Tryamkin/UFA (I think Tryamkin's play style would definitely compliment Hughes) Edler/UFA - Schmidt Juoelvi - Tryamkin/UFA With the 6 million from Myers freed up and 6 million from Edler we have 12 million to upgrad
  2. I’m hoping Benning could figure out a way to move on from those players, it’ll give us the much needed cap space to fix the bottom 6. I was hoping we could trade Pearson for a 2nd or 3rd round pick seeing as though the draft has been this managements strength. But now with Pearson injured most likely past the deadline, 3x3 for third line and spot duty on the second would be great.
  3. I’m guessing you missed the part where I mention anyone not named we move on from i.e. trade, don’t re-sign. But I’m pretty sure I have Gaudette and MacEwen there some where.
  4. Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know your were going to have such a difficult time figuring out they’re potential targets. Not to worry I fixed that for you, made it a little easier to understand
  5. What changes are you hoping for this season in terms of players, coaching staff and front office? Let's start with the coaching staff. Green - Release Over the past few years I haven't really seen the team improve (aside from the bubble anomaly) nor any individual player improve due to Green's coaching. You couldn't really make an argument for any one on the team really, Hughes, Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat, Demko, Hoglander essentially came in as advertised, they were expected to be good if not great. You would expect Gaudette and Virtanen to improve under Green's tutela
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