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  1. Joulevi + Rights to Virtanen + Erkisson + 1st round 2021 for OEL (20%) retained We essentially give up on Joulevi but with Jurmo being drafted and a left side of Hughes and OEL for the foreseeable future I don't mind. It would've been great to see him on the third pairing but OEL makes this team better. Edler's salary comes off the books next year and is basically replaced by OEL's 6.6 million If Edler still believes he has some gas left in the tank after this coming year he could be signed at a much lower cap hit and brought on as a third pairing veteran dman. If not, we bring up Rathbone. We FINALLY get rid of Eriksson As much as I like Virtanen I think it's time to move on. I don't see him as a second line winger and his arbitration rights priced him out of a third line role here in Vancouver. As for the 2021 1st round pick, it's going to be a late first (hoping it's the 31st) so I'm okay with that. If I was Benning I would try to give up a 2nd or a 2nd and a 3rd instead of the 1st. So there you have it, I believe this is the Canucks offer for OEL.
  2. I’m good with this trade. We have Pettersson, Horvat and Gaudette as our 1, 2 and 3 for years to come. You have to give something up to gain something in return. We still need to shore up our D though, I’m thinking Dumba or Ristolainen. Do your thing GMJB!
  3. To Min: Demko Boeser Stetcher 2nd round pick To Van: Dubnyk Dumba Greenway or Fiala 4th round pick Why Vancouver does it: - Vancouver needs to shore up its D for the playoffs enter Dumba. - Not have to expose Demko in the expansion draft and can resign Markstrom to an extension. Then expose Dubnyk in expansion. If he doesn’t get selected trade him at next TDL or he becomes UFA. Bring up Dipietro. - Boeser is great and I hate to trade him but it seems his father’s ailment has affected his play a little this season. Do him a favor and trade him so he could be closer to his father. In return we get either Fiala or Greenway. - Stetcher is an rfa and could be a good fit in the third pairing for the Wild. Why Minnesota does it: - They are no where close to a contender, it’s time to start over. - Demko would be there goalie of the future. - Boeser would be their hometown hero. He plays to his abilities as he is closer to his father. - They get a serviceable D-men to play on their third pairing or could fill in, in their top 4. You may need to tinker a bit so the values are fair for both teams ie add a pick/prospect on either or both sides.
  4. What I’m hoping the roster is: Ferland - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Miller Baertschi - Gaudette - Leivo Virtanen - Beagle - MacEwen Motte/Goldobin Traded/Waived: Sutter Schaller Eriksson
  5. I would go with a shorter 4 year deal and then sign Boeser to a six year deal to take him to age 32. We all know not a lot of wingers hold up into their 30’s. At 32 Boeser still has one more long term contract from anyone willing to take a chance on him.
  6. Miller - Pettersson - Goldobin Pearson - Horvat - Boeser Leivo - Gaudette - Virtanen Motte - Beagle - MacEwen Roussel (IR) Edler - Stetcher Hughes - Myers Benn - Tanev Markstrom Demko Eriksson, Baertschi and Sutter traded.
  7. If we sign Myers, I would try hard for Ristolainen. Tanev Hutton (if resigned) or Stetcher Conditional 2020 2nd round pick (if we give up 2020 first then pick moved to 2021) The third pairing would be made up of two of: Stetcher (Trade dependant) Hutton (Trade dependant) Schenn (If resigned) Joulevi Rafferty Woo (If he surprises) Ideally Edler - Ristolainen Hughes - Myers Jouelvi - Woo Myers signing would be great, adding Ristolainen to the mix would be over the top.
  8. If GMJB is going the trade route for a top 4 D I would definitely save those assets for someone like Ristolainen or Colin Miller. But if he’s going free agency with either Myers or Gardiner then I would trade the assets for Zucker.
  9. Lee or Nyquist will also cost us close to 7 million if not more on 6-7 year deals. Would you rather give up assets for someone at a reasonable cap hit at only 4 years or overpay in free agency.
  10. We all know to land a top free agent we’ll have to overpay and I’m not for it. I think when guys like Hayes are getting paid 7 million a year the best route to take to improve our top 6 is the trade route. We all heard the rumours about Zucker, he’s signed for another 4 years at a reasonable cap hit of 5.5 million. So rather than overpay for Lee or Nyquist why not go the trade route and deal for Zucker? Miller - Pettersson- Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Zucker I would say that’s a pretty good top 6 and we can save ourselves from making another mistake a la Eriksson. By the way I’m not saying Lee and Nyquist are going to end up like Eriksson, I just want to avoid handing out these enormous free agent contracts. The only issue in dealing for Zucker is Minnesota is looking for immediate help rather than picks. Do we have the assets to make a deal?
  11. I’m all for it as long as it’s at a reasonable cap hit and term. Our top 6 would be stacked, a good mix of size, speed, and skill.
  12. If Johnny hockey can cut it in this league then who’s to say Hoglander can’t. The kid is only 18 he may still grow an inch or two. But nevertheless, with Podkolzin and Hoglander I’m giving GMJB an A+ through the first two rounds.