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  1. He would be a massive upgrade offensively compared to Siegenthaler and he’s taken massive strides defensively this past year so I’d argue yes they could definitely use him. The fact of the matter is Hughes would improve their fantastic D immensely by adding over 50 more points to it. Acquiring a young cost controlled top 10 defencemen wouldn’t be a PR move. Also, my point on Nemec was to counter your point of gutting the team. He’s not on the team so removing him wouldn’t be gutting the team. So no I wouldn’t call it a strawman argument. We could continue to go back and forth on this but like I said initially I wouldn’t trade Hughes. However, if the Canucks did entertain the idea they shouldn’t settle for anything less than what I presented.
  2. I wouldn’t amount this to JUST an expensive PR stunt, he’s only 23 and had 76 points last year. He’s a top 10 defencemen in the league and if he keeps progressing the way he has, could be top 5. Mercer is a winger who can easily be replaced by Holtz, Siegenthaler had 21 points last season. Hughes alone replaces both of their point totals. Nemec, although a 2nd OA, hasn’t proven anything yet. So, no it wouldn’t be a PR stunt. You undervalue what Hughes would mean to a team, just look at what he means to the Canucks.
  3. They wouldn’t be gutting the team, Hughes replaces Siegenthaler and they’ll just need to replace Mercer in the lineup. They’ll just bring up Holtz. The other pieces are either futures or Nemec who isn’t in the line up. Devils are ready to compete now and who knows what’ll ch age in 4 years.
  4. I wouldn’t trade Hughes but if the Canucks decided to do so the minimum I would expect coming back would be: To Devils: Hughes To Canucks: Siegenthaler Nemec Mercer 1st round pick 2nd round pick
  5. Joshua - Pettersson - Kuzmenko Hoglander - Miller - Boeser Mikheyev - ??? - Podkolzin ??? - Aman - ??? Hughes - ??? ??? - Hronek Hirose - Myers Demko Martin I’m not going to dive into where and why I placed everyone in the lineup but from where I see it this is our potential lineup. The ???’s are the positions we need to fill. So, how do we do it and with what players. I feel both Garland and possibly Beauvillier will be moved for cap reasons. These positions can be filled internally or externally (UFA, RFA, Trade).
  6. I think in order to shed cap they’ll have to move Myers, Garland and Beauvillier. I would keep Boeser and see if he can come to camp a completely different player. If Pearson and Poolman are on LTIR to start and assuming we retain 3 million on Myers that gives us approximately 12.1 in cap space and 6.25 million in LTIR space. I think that should be more than enough to bring in a 3C and Top 4D and raises along with RFA signings. I trust management enough to know they’ll figure it out, we’ll be good.
  7. That was my thinking, LA is stacked down the middle and that’s without Turcotte up with the big club. I’m assuming for the right price we could pry Kupari from them, a right shot 3C. I don’t mind moving assets if it improves the team and gets us that much closer to contention. I would rather make a push sooner than later. I think with an improved defence, a right shot 3C and someone like Kolesar/Duhaime/Smith we’ll be a playoff team next season.
  8. I was aim I think this would be ideal, a retention in line with what the buyout cost would be year 4 onwards. I was aiming for heavier and harder to play against players which is why I think Kolesar would be ideal on the fourth. But if Smith is a cheaper option and plays a similar style then I’m all for it. I wouldn’t even mind Duhaime from the Wild.
  9. Going into the off season I’m hoping management could move out Myers, Beauvillier, Garland and OEL (with retention). I’m assuming Pearson will be on LTIR as well as Poolman. With that said, who would you target to fill out the roster/lineup? I’ll start with my targets. Mikheyev - Pettersson - Kuzmenko Hoglander - Miller - Boeser Podkolzin - Kupari - Kravtsov Joshua - Aman - Kolesar Hughes - Schenn/Peeke Gavrikov - Hronek Rathbone - Peeke/Schenn Demko Silvos
  10. In order to clear cap I think Myers, Garland and Boeser are traded at the draft or off season. I expect Hoglander to be in the lineup, the way he’s been playing in Abby he should be back with the big club for next season. Ideally with the right trades and signings and keeping with pair chemistry, we could (I hope) look like this come next season… Kuzmenko - Pettersson - [Beauvillier] Mikheyev - Miller - [Hoglander] Podkolzin - [Compher] - Kravtzov Joshua - Aman - [Kolesar] Hughes - [Livingstone/Schenn] [Graves] - Hronek OEL - [Bear/Schenn]
  11. Love it! Needed a top 4 RHD and went out and got one. I would rather this than wait 3-4 years for a draft pick to develop. Now go out and trade for Peeke, sign Livingstone and Graves, revamp done!
  12. Trade: Andrew Peeke (3 Years) I believe Columbus has come out and said Peeke is a trade candidate. I believe he would flourish under Tocchett and solidify our top pairing alongside Hughes. I would offer… To VAN: Peeke To CLB: Rathbone + Hoglander + 3rd UFA: Jack Livingstone (ELC) I would go hard after Livingstone, a big body RHD who plays well on both ends of the ice. Draft: 1st NYI - Reinbacher/- Pellikka/Simashev Any one of these 3 would bolster the pipeline. UFA: Schenn (2 years) I think he’s great for the young guys, leads by example, great locker room guy and he loves being here. UFA: Graves (5 years) Graves would solidify the left-side, a big body at 6’5” and 220 lbs who plays with an edge, something the Canucks have been missing on the back-end. Buyout: Poolman (4 years) A savings of 2 million per for the next two years but costing us an extra 1 million per for the following two years at which point the cap should see an increase, so it’d be minuscule. Conclusion: I believe Myers is gone next season but rather then after the bonus, management might wait until the TDL to maximize value. The savings from Myers would go to Graves but the collective salaries of Peeke, Livingstone and Schenn should allow us to keep OEL for another two seasons at which point he’s either traded (with retention) or bought out. Hughes - Peeke Graves - Livingstone OEL - Schenn
  13. Trade 1: Horvat for Lapierre + Iorio + 1st + 2nd or Horvat for Morrow + Drury + 1st + 2nd I feel both teams will need to add a piece because of what Horvat brings to the ice and the uncertainty of the picks and players involved. Trade 2: Miller + Schenn for Schneider + Kakko + Goodrow Kuzmenko - Pettersson - Kakko Mikheyev - Goodrow - Boeser Pearson - Lazar - Garland Joshua - Wouters - Studnicka Hughes - Bear OEL - Myers Dermott - Schneider Draft top 5 - Carlsson/Fantilli I would go into next year with a fairly similar lineup to the one above for another Top 5 pick. This will allow our prospects to simmer in the AHL or overseas for a year or two before they enter the fold the following season (24-25). Mind you, I do see a fair bit of roster turnover in terms of Boeser, Myers, Pearson, Garland and OEL over these next two years.
  14. Makes sense and I hope it is a secret hotbed, I’d hate to lose Horvat over Miller.
  15. I doubt it’s Horvat, I’m thinking Miller. Isn’t Miller from Columbus ?
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