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  1. Last year Miller was relied on to play in the middle with Pettersson injured and he looked good, comfortable. However, he helps form one of the top lines in the league when aligned with Pettersson and Boeser. But, I believe having three solid lines, anchored by three great centermen would be far more beneficial to the team. However, if Miller moves down to the third, we have an opening at 1LW. So, I would make a play for Zach Hyman. At 6’1 and 214 lbs. he plays a similar game to Miller, great in the corners with a heavy body. In my opinion he would perfectly compliment Pettersson and Boeser. I’d have him somewhere between 4-5 million. Moving forward our top nine could look something like this… Hyman - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Hoglander Motte - Miller - Podkolzin What do you guys think?
  2. I wouldn't give up 9OA. If I were to make a deal with Tampa and help them clear some cap this is the deal I would offer... 2022 2nd pick Joni Jurmo Lind for Cernak Johnson (1mil retained) The first needed for Cernak changes to a 2nd based on taking Johnson's contract. Tampa is still moving forward with a formidable blue line in Hedman, Sergachev, Foote and McDonagh, however, if McDonagh is taken in the ED they have extra cap to re-sign Savard. Vanocuver on the other hand give up Lind and open up an extra protection spot for Gadjovich. This also allows them to protect Juolevi, Cernak and expose/protect one of Schmidt/Myers. This could free up quite a bit of cap space if Myers or Schmidt are selected. The way Hotlby has played I don't see Seattle taking a chance on him. I would hold on to Holtby and see how he performs after a full training camp with Clark and then flip him at the deadline. Vancouver gets their 3C at a 4mil cap. Johnson can play up and down the lineup either a 3C or 1L with Miller moving to 3C. We have about 7 mil in salary coming back but with one of Schmidt and Myers selected in the draft we free up some cap to fit these two players coming back our way. Vancouver also trades Jurmo as Tampa would probably want a defensive prospect coming back their way. Moving forward Vancouver can either select 9OA or trade the pick to Buffalo for Reinhart while also sending them Virtanen, Roussel or both. 9OA 2021 3rd round pick Virtanen/Roussel for Reinhart Edler re-signs for around 2.5-3 mil for 1 year so we have another 3-3.5 mil saved for fourth line centre and third pairing D. Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Reinhart Hoglander - Johnson - Podkolzin Motte - ??? - MacEwen Hughes - Cernak Edler - Myers Joulevi/Rathbone - ??? The following year no more Eriksson, Holtby, Loungo re/cap and maybe Edler moves on for potential cap relief of 16 million. Problems solved. I should be the f*cking GM.
  3. It all depends on the moves leading up to the expansion draft and the expansion draft it's self. First I'd be trading our 2022 1st, Virtanen and Lind for 2022 3rd, Cernak and Johnson (Cap dump). Depending on if Virtanen's contract is terminated we may have to adjust. If Johnson is selected by Kraken then I'd draft a center with our 1st. However, if Schmidt is selected then I'd draft a defenceman and insert Johnson as 3C.
  4. If it means freeing up 6 million I'm all for it, he can be replaced at a much lower salary via UFA or even internally. I'm thinking the way Rathbone and Woo have been playing together in the AHL they should be given a chance on the third pairing. If that doesn't work out give them another year in the AHL but then moving forward we'd have: Hughes - Tryamkin/UFA (I think Tryamkin's play style would definitely compliment Hughes) Edler/UFA - Schmidt Juoelvi - Tryamkin/UFA With the 6 million from Myers freed up and 6 million from Edler we have 12 million to upgrade our D. Maybe 2-3 million each goes to Edler and Tryamkin another 3-4 million to a decent UFA singing then whatever is left over to depth signings on D or forward group. However, it should be known where Tryamkin fits before signing a decent UFA; if they are going to try him with Hughes then we save even more money for our forward group by signing a third pairing Dman. Demko is the number one starter. As for Holtby, Seattle is going to have plenty of goalies to choose from so I doubt they take him. He stays and hopefully works out the kinks in his game with Clark, then we move him next trade deadline. Dipietro has had a tough go this year with no games and essentially a lost year of development. I would keep him in the AHL next year and bring him up when Holtby gets traded. Moving out a goalie in Holtby would probably bring us back a capable AHL starter. BUT if more cap space is needed I would try to move out Holtby at the trade deadline this year or in the offseason and sign a capable backup goalie on a 2 year contract until DiPietro is ready to take over.
  5. I’m hoping Benning could figure out a way to move on from those players, it’ll give us the much needed cap space to fix the bottom 6. I was hoping we could trade Pearson for a 2nd or 3rd round pick seeing as though the draft has been this managements strength. But now with Pearson injured most likely past the deadline, 3x3 for third line and spot duty on the second would be great.
  6. I’m guessing you missed the part where I mention anyone not named we move on from i.e. trade, don’t re-sign. But I’m pretty sure I have Gaudette and MacEwen there some where.
  7. Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know your were going to have such a difficult time figuring out they’re potential targets. Not to worry I fixed that for you, made it a little easier to understand
  8. What changes are you hoping for this season in terms of players, coaching staff and front office? Let's start with the coaching staff. Green - Release Over the past few years I haven't really seen the team improve (aside from the bubble anomaly) nor any individual player improve due to Green's coaching. You couldn't really make an argument for any one on the team really, Hughes, Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat, Demko, Hoglander essentially came in as advertised, they were expected to be good if not great. You would expect Gaudette and Virtanen to improve under Green's tutelage, however, as we've seen this season they've regressed and everyone seems to believe it's the players own doing but let me tell you something, it's not . As long as Green is behind the bench I just don't see this team competing for the cup anytime soon if at all. Baumgartner - Release (No explanation needed) Brown - Release (No explanation needed) Clark - Re-sign (No explanation needed) Moving on to Benning and Co. Aside from the scouting department I think everyone needs to go. Year-over-year Benning and Co. have just made excuses for their failures and Benning doesn't seem to want to accept any responsibility. It's been 7 years and we aren't even close to contending for the cup. The only good thing that's come from his tenure is the drafting and one, two, maybe three trades but everything else has been terrible. It's time we move on from Benning and Co. or at the very least hire a new GM and move Benning to head the scouting department. Players I've left ??? as areas needed to improve upon. Anyone not mentioned means I'd like for the Canucks to move on from. Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Hoglander - Horvat - Podkolzin ??? - ??? - ??? Motte - ??? - ??? Gaudette MacEwen Michaelis Hawryluk Lind Gadjovich Potential targets bottom 6 (UFA) Lowry (C) (UFA) Coleman (LW) (UFA) Laughton (C) (UFA) Goodrow (RW) (UFA) Armia (RW) Hughes - ??? ??? - Schmidt Juolevi - Myers Rathbone Chatfield Rafferty (RFA) Tryamkin Potential Targets D (UFA) Savard (UFA) Larsson (UFA) Murray
  9. Joulevi + Rights to Virtanen + Erkisson + 1st round 2021 for OEL (20%) retained We essentially give up on Joulevi but with Jurmo being drafted and a left side of Hughes and OEL for the foreseeable future I don't mind. It would've been great to see him on the third pairing but OEL makes this team better. Edler's salary comes off the books next year and is basically replaced by OEL's 6.6 million If Edler still believes he has some gas left in the tank after this coming year he could be signed at a much lower cap hit and brought on as a third pairing veteran dman. If not, we bring up Rathbone. We FINALLY get rid of Eriksson As much as I like Virtanen I think it's time to move on. I don't see him as a second line winger and his arbitration rights priced him out of a third line role here in Vancouver. As for the 2021 1st round pick, it's going to be a late first (hoping it's the 31st) so I'm okay with that. If I was Benning I would try to give up a 2nd or a 2nd and a 3rd instead of the 1st. So there you have it, I believe this is the Canucks offer for OEL.
  10. I’m good with this trade. We have Pettersson, Horvat and Gaudette as our 1, 2 and 3 for years to come. You have to give something up to gain something in return. We still need to shore up our D though, I’m thinking Dumba or Ristolainen. Do your thing GMJB!
  11. To Min: Demko Boeser Stetcher 2nd round pick To Van: Dubnyk Dumba Greenway or Fiala 4th round pick Why Vancouver does it: - Vancouver needs to shore up its D for the playoffs enter Dumba. - Not have to expose Demko in the expansion draft and can resign Markstrom to an extension. Then expose Dubnyk in expansion. If he doesn’t get selected trade him at next TDL or he becomes UFA. Bring up Dipietro. - Boeser is great and I hate to trade him but it seems his father’s ailment has affected his play a little this season. Do him a favor and trade him so he could be closer to his father. In return we get either Fiala or Greenway. - Stetcher is an rfa and could be a good fit in the third pairing for the Wild. Why Minnesota does it: - They are no where close to a contender, it’s time to start over. - Demko would be there goalie of the future. - Boeser would be their hometown hero. He plays to his abilities as he is closer to his father. - They get a serviceable D-men to play on their third pairing or could fill in, in their top 4. You may need to tinker a bit so the values are fair for both teams ie add a pick/prospect on either or both sides.
  12. What I’m hoping the roster is: Ferland - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Miller Baertschi - Gaudette - Leivo Virtanen - Beagle - MacEwen Motte/Goldobin Traded/Waived: Sutter Schaller Eriksson
  13. I would go with a shorter 4 year deal and then sign Boeser to a six year deal to take him to age 32. We all know not a lot of wingers hold up into their 30’s. At 32 Boeser still has one more long term contract from anyone willing to take a chance on him.
  14. Miller - Pettersson - Goldobin Pearson - Horvat - Boeser Leivo - Gaudette - Virtanen Motte - Beagle - MacEwen Roussel (IR) Edler - Stetcher Hughes - Myers Benn - Tanev Markstrom Demko Eriksson, Baertschi and Sutter traded.
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