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  1. ^^ $&!#ty, was looking forward to seeing him on Wednesday, havent been following the Dub as closely since the NHL playoffs started. Well lets hope the Hitmen can beat the Wheat Kings and we can see some more action from JV. On the other hand I wouldnt mind seeing the Wheat Kings win either, theyve got alot of exciting prospects and draft eledgible guys this year.
  2. Brandon has prize Flames prospect Morgan Klimchuk(taken with the 1st pick aquired for Iggy), they also have a stacked D core top to bottom. I am checking out the game on Wednesday, gonna scout some Flames prospects, I believe their are 4 in this series(Hitmen/Wheat Kings) Ill provide a scouting report on Virtanen for you guys too. I believe I put up a little ditty about him in this thread a few months ago on his play this season in Calgary. He's been pretty good in the playoffs, I think hes at or near PPG, he's laying some good hits and playing a strong forcheck, I almost wonder though, if
  3. I never thought I'd be analyzing a Flames second round playoff series in October. I knew we were trending up, but wow, what a development year. And, Like I've said all season, thats what its about, we are developing and win or lose, in the long term we are winning because we have drafted well and are only just seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of the success our prospects can expect down the line. Much like Winnipeg will soon be reaping the benefits of good drafting, finding gems in the rough through trades and free agents. Anyhow, onto the series. Overview, I totally expected Wi
  4. Well the West is all set up for the second round. Im gonna start by discussing Chicago and Minnesota's series. Both beat their first round opponent, as I predicted they would in my previous entries. An overview, I only caught one game in the Minny series, but to me, St. Louis looks alot like this generations San Jose from 02-12ish. All season no playoffs. Anyhow Minny made it by them fairly slick. Chicago and Nashville, went a game longer then I predict, but anyone who was watching this series could see that Chicago was laying back more or less. They knew they would win easy, and they di
  5. ^^^ Im hoping for Minny, and pretty sure they should win, when it comes down to it, what have the Blues actually done in the playoffs this decade? Minny is built just right for a long rough series.
  6. Minnesota vs St Louis, this first round match up is, in my opinion one of the toughest to predict. The Wild are more and more reminding me of the LA Kings, no, not the LA Kings that missed the playoffs this season, the one that Dominate from 2012-2014. The way the teams are structured and their style of play are similar, as well they are both built quite similar in terms of players. Lets start with the key points for Minnesota: Goaltending: Dubnyk. I've watched alot of Dubnyk since his days in Edmonton and on. If you look through my post history Im sure you'll notice that Iv
  7. My Third Round 1 Breakdown, Winnipeg Jets vs Anaheim Ducks. First I'll be blunt and say that I would be surprised if Winnipeg didn't win this series. Needless to say Ill discuss the key factors for both teams entering this series. Anaheim: Team Scope: Finishing atop the Pacific Division was an impressive feat, but it was also expected by most analysts at the beginning of the season. The major improvement Anaheim has made, which is all to familiar for Canuck fans, was the addition of Ryan Kesler in the offseason. While Keslers season stats and play was average, he is a known p
  8. Nice read Jazzy, well put together, I wouldn't put WD as your number one supporting reason why the Canucks will win the cup. I don't know about a cup, but I have a feeling that the winner of Van/Calgary will go at least to the Western Final. Both teams have overachieved this year, one aging declining team who proved this season that they weren't too old to compete, and one young/in experienced team who proved that they weren't to immature to succeed this year. Both teams have fed off of big games, and whoever comes out atop this series I think will, like I mentioned go at least as far as th
  9. Another matchup thats set in stone, Chicago vs Nashville. Chicago owns the season series with 4 wins, 2 losses. Chicago has all the pieces in play to win another cup, building on their dynasty, however, the Nashville Predators have made alot of changes in the past few seasons from coaching, to adding scoring, drafted and dealt for some young studs and are a completely different team from the Nashville of yesteryear. Lets start by looking at Nashvilles keys points: Goaltending - Pekka Rinne has been one of the top 5 goalies all season and is a huge part of Nashvilles success. Althou
  10. I hope to find the time to do each series before the playoff's start, however, Im still overjoyed that the Flames, Nucks and Jets are all clinched, sealed and into the big show. Ill break down, in my opinion, the series to the Canucks vs Flames round one. Home Ice Advantage? With home ice still up for grabs, a loss by Vancouver against Edmonton and a win in any fashion by Calgary against Winnipeg in the final game of the season would result in Calgary taking home ice due to what would be a tie in ROW and the Flames holding the season series at 2-1-1 vs the Canucks 2-2. Any win or ev
  11. Ive seen him play lots over the past few seasons with the Hitmen, his game is quite different from Keslers, Virtanen is much more of a power forward, he backchecks well but wont likely be a Selke style forward, and, probably the biggest differnce is that I havent seen him cartwheel or tumbleweed dive once in his career yet.
  12. Yeah me too, hes sure been exciting for the Hitmen the last couple seasons, gonna suck having him in the dome playing against us in the not to far off future!
  13. I think Jake will be a top 6 guy in the NHL and peak around 60-80 points with a solid +/-. Bo I think will be a 2-3C 30-50pt guy. Bo's skating isnt nearly as strong as Jakes,
  14. I was at the last 2 home game for the Hitmen, Jakes play away from the puck is really amazing, I know hes one of the "mature" ones in the dub now given hes been drafted, but needless to say he had two really great games that I saw recently anyways, I think his play will translate very well into the NHL. Hes also a super tough son of a gun on the forecheck, I think this was a great pick by the Canucks last year. I wouldnt, at this point take Ehlers over him.
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