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[EKLUND] Komisarek's rights on the move?


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*Rumors right now that Komisarek's rights may be on the move. Only a rumor but it would be something that the Habs would NOT do during the draft for obvious reasons.

*Also hearing Kaberle could be headed to Vancouver, Atlanta, or Buffalo...I am sure there are other teams involved, those are just the ones I am hearing.

*Future of Phaneuf. The addition of Jay Bo does not mean yet that Phaneuf is on the way out. Especially with the addition of Brent. However, this does give Calgary options.

* Biron. Definitely HUGE interest from Colorado. some from Edmonton.

* The Oilers are involved in a big deal. I was told that the Oilers are considering getting in on Lecavalier and/or Spezza. Not Heatley

* The Wild are closing in on Heatley. The third team may be St Louis who would love to have Josh Harding.

*The Addition of Pronger doesn't absolutely mean that that Knuble isnt re-signed, but it doesn't help. The Ducks may grab him as well as there was some talk about acquiring his rights in the deal.

* I would still put Lecavalier moving at 80%. June 30 is GUT check time on that story...

* Kevin Dineen up there in the running for the NJ Devils job. I am predicting that Dineen will one day win the Adams in the NHL. I believe he is a fantastic choice. I have also heard Jacques Demers name mentioned.

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