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[Rumor] Backman to Frolunda


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Bäckman to Frölunda

GOTHENBURG. Florida said no to the Christian Bäckman.

Now he wants to play for Frölunda.

If Frölunda want.

- I'm not afraid to sign a multi-year, "he says.

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October 1, 2009 Frölunda eager to pick back Bäckman

29-year-old Christian Bäckman belonged to Columbus last season, but was not renewed contract. He has found it difficult to attract NHL interest and grabbed a couple of weeks ago at Florida Panthers tryout-proposal.

Yesterday (in Finland, Florida starting this weekend, the NHL season with games against the Chicago Blackhawks) he received the sad announcement of Florida's management that same day signed a contract with Russia's 18-year-old Dintrij Kulikov:

"Number One"

- They were happy with me and what I have done. But as I took it, they had no more money to spend, "explains Bäckman.

For you, it Frölunda applicable now?

- Yes. It is number one. I'll see what they say. But I know I would thrive in the team, so I hope it can be solved.

Frölunda want you not just come home and turn without you for a long time. Have you discussed this when you talked earlier?

- Yes, and I am not at all alien to it. We thrive course in Gothenburg whole family.

SPORT-Expressen have searched Frölunda's general manager Kent Norberg.


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