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R.Kesler #17

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Thirty-six Vancouver Canucks prospects were spotted huffing and puffing their way up the Grouse Grind Friday morning in what's become an annual rite of passage for the team's hopefuls.

The prospects, who were divided into six groups, kicked off Day 4 of the Canucks' summer prospects camp by racing up the steep 2.9-km trail.

Since Tuesday the young players have been in Vancouver for medical and fitness training, on-ice drills, media interviews, and a crash-course on the Canucks organization and its history.

The invite-only camp also features some fun activities for the hockey hopefuls, including an "Iron Chef" inspired cooking course, a yoga class, and the competitive hike up Grouse Mountain.

Some of the top prospects garnering the most attention at this year's camp include Jordan Schroeder, Taylor Ellington, Prab Rai, and Kevin Connauton.

Connauton, who led the winning team at this morning's Grouse Grind challenge, is also tweeting about his camp experiences on Twitter @VanCanucks.

"Wow what a climb," wrote Connauton after his team finished the hike in 44:53, 27 seconds ahead of the next group. "My team was great. We pushed right to the end. Really happy to be finished with the Grind."

Other prospects on Connauton's winning team were Alex Friesen, Kevan Miller, Jeremy Price, Pierre-Olivier Morin, and goaltender Jonathan Iilahti.

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41 minutes is defiantly a great time. Grouse's website says the average human does it in an hour and a half. after doing it twice I've come to the conclusion anything under an hour is really good. anything around 50 mins is a damn good pace, and under 50 minutes you're moving. 41 seems on par with an athlete in this heat. I did read one of the twins did it in 33 mins or something like that which to me is unfathomable

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physical maturity wise they few guys i am really impressed with so far are Cannauton(put on 15lbs muscle atleast), Rodin(again 10-15lbs muscle, 2 inches in height), Sauve and Schroeder (both don't seem like they have any fat on their body, especially Suave if he's actually at 220 is in extremely good shape).

These guys seem to have worked real hard this past year and can't wait to see them in the tourney and main camp.

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