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The Situation

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The problem was solved from a Steam support admin, wrote in with my problem a couple weeks ago and finally heard back a few days ago.

I had to delete all the game file content from the steam folder except my steamapps folder, leaving the steam.exe file in there, reboot my computer then run the game through the steam.exe icon which I had left there. Worked like a hot damn, haven't had any issues yet.

Oh, except the issue of my crappy RWS in ESEA because players are way better than me, that I have to fix on my own LOL.

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Hey guys,

I did a reformat yesterday on my computer hoping it would help. But nothing changed at all.

I have installed the latest update for my video card and still nothing.

Jai - I don't think it did it with CSS, it didn't do it with BF3 so it could be game specific? I am re-installing source right now and going to jump into an ESEA server to check it out.

My comp specs are

Gateway FX-6801

Intel Core i7 (2.67 GHz)

12 GB Ram

Windows 7

NVidia GeForce GTX 285

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