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  1. 'Plays with violent energy' sold me. Should be refreshing after the absolute fluff this team has iced for the last decade.
  2. Yup, we pick in a good spot...There are 5-6 names i'd be more than happy with, which is a nice feeling to have instead of hoping to land 'our guy' I'm on the Edvinsson train (I feel like he will have a Mattias Ohlundesque career for the Nucks) he'd be my #1 choice, but would love McTavish, Hughes, Beniers, etc. I like the top 10 this year!
  3. @Johnny Torts @Stech It's ok to have differing opinions, Gents. Let's try and keep it civil. Foregoing warning points with a public warning in this case, keep it on topic....it's a long off-season!
  4. Edvinsson is 'my guy' this year, but I would be more than happy with quite a few names up there. Canucks are in a good spot...Hate waiting so long until the draft! haha.
  5. I'm still here! I know who Colon Dee is!!!!!! He was almost like Frank Abingale (?) of Catch me if you can fame! Haha Damnnnnn dude......you're right, it hasn't been without its problems. We were just emailed a link this afternoon (that isn't working) on signing up for the vaccine, so hopefully when the site is up, i'll be one step closer!
  6. Unfortunately, I'm a firefighter....we aren't high on the priority list, apparently.
  7. Good vet move by Edler. I like that outta him, he knew he threw a nasty one and took his lumps. Atta boy.
  8. Yup! People were luke warm on Motte, too. I just want a high motor and a bottom 6 player who doesn't lose the puck if someone is in his personal bubble.
  9. Easy on the knee-jerk reaction, folks. Not exactly going out on a limb here, but there is a good chance neither player will even be in the show anymore in 3 years and this will all be forgotten.
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