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  1. I grew up in Mackenzie and our minor hockey would buy Cougars tickets. Remember Quinn Hancock quite well! He was actually the only junior player to have a clip in rock em' sock em' because he was hipchecked and did a complete flip. I remember Quinn having a TON of skill. Gary Toor, Scotty Meyer, Chara, Curt Tippler, Tyler Bouck, all names off the top of my head!
  2. diesel_3

    Meme Thread

    Stealing some of these. Does everyone have that one friend who is a meme god? I am envious of my one buddy always hitting me with fire memes that make me laugh.
  3. Ya, I had a thing for Susan Boyle for a couple years, I get it. I didn't prefer that feeling, it was too 'robotic' I switched to weed and haven't look back. Keep in mind i'm a full-time student, paid on-call firefighter, and a hockey coach. There are different strains and I have found my jam with microdosing and being able to operate like a normal human being for the 1st time in 10 years. It mostly came down to me wanting to feel better overall and improve my sleeps and it did just that. As soon as I was well rested and eating a bit better, things began to improve. Just my .02 (Been awhile since i've posted in WN!)
  4. I have merged the 'canreef' account with the 'Life life' account. You might have to do a password recovery through email (the main email is the gmail account starting with the letter z). Hope this helps!
  5. canreef - It looks as if there are 2 registrations tied to your IP, it is against forum rules to have a duplicate account, the other account tied to the 'canreef' profile is one with the name 'Life life' with a registered gmail address associated that starts with a 'z' does this at all sound familiar?
  6. Apparently his mouth is major league. A witty pest, if you will.
  7. Something so clean about a vintage/minimalist style jersey.
  8. As a collector, I have a beckett account, so this might help. Without an actual graded card, I would say the value is between $150-$250 CDN.
  9. Death, Taxes, and at least one person saying 'Bring 'em back!' to a former Canuck who becomes a UFA.
  10. I actually really like it for asset management...gather some draft capital and create more cap space for when our young guns' rookie contracts start poppin'!