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  1. 5-4 Canucks Garland GWG Garland 1st Goal (2 Goal game for Garland!)
  2. @-SN- accidentally poked an extra breathing hole in the box during feeding time, now I am able to see the top left corner of the TV screen.
  3. I have only been able to watch the first 2 games in bits and pieces, but I am really liking the effort overall! So cool that Podz got his 1st bingo only a couple of games into his career. Was it strange that he didn't see the ice for the 3rd? Green protecting his minutes? or did he have a couple of bad shifts? I wish I would have been able to witness the Myers hit on Keith live, but being able to rewind the highlights over and over again....WHAMMYYYYY! So far, we have had the opportunity to win both games with a lot of new faces in the lineup. I figured there might be immediate growing pains, but i'm happy with the start!
  4. I haven't been able to watch much preseason, and I know Twitter is a cesspool, but is Miller back to his pouty, lazy body language again? Mannn...I hope not, I can't take another year of that, it looked really bad at points last year.
  5. 'Plays with violent energy' sold me. Should be refreshing after the absolute fluff this team has iced for the last decade.
  6. Yup, we pick in a good spot...There are 5-6 names i'd be more than happy with, which is a nice feeling to have instead of hoping to land 'our guy' I'm on the Edvinsson train (I feel like he will have a Mattias Ohlundesque career for the Nucks) he'd be my #1 choice, but would love McTavish, Hughes, Beniers, etc. I like the top 10 this year!
  7. @Johnny Torts @Stech It's ok to have differing opinions, Gents. Let's try and keep it civil. Foregoing warning points with a public warning in this case, keep it on topic....it's a long off-season!
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