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  1. I still remember the night @-Vintage Canuck- had too much thermal paste and revealed his inner circuitry.....It was so hot.
  2. Dude, you've done enough....I'm sure this community would absolutely understand if you dialed it back a bit. You aren't required to go over and above what the job description says, but you have. Even if you were half capacity Vintage, you would still be a vital part of the new forum.
  3. After the big post reset, I essentially became a lurker and wanted to help out with the forums that gave so much to me over the years. Once the old towelpower forums died, I sauntered back in here, basically an unknown but always enjoyed seeing the names of members past in our little community pop back up every once in awhile.
  4. @canuckhound73I still have that custom Stu Grimson card you got me about 15 years ago! I was finally able to meet him in 2018 at the 100 year memorial cup homecoming in Regina where he was the MC at a big Gala, which I was a guest at (Soldier On! Event...Sat beside Mike Keane and also at the table was Derek Dorsett! Right after he had to retire because of his neck)
  5. I still remember the day I signed up in April 2003! My buddy Brendon @BigBabe44told me about the Canucks forums and thought I would be interested in the 'Trash Talk' subforum to battle it out with Blues and Wild fans! It was great! I was only 17! I slowly immersed myself within the White Noise crowd. I always felt like I was on the outside looking in (kind of a theme of my life) and was never one of the 'main' cogs in any of those forums hierarchies. I posted a lot more back in the day. Like others...I found love/fun/heartbreak all within this forum, a lot of good memories I will have as a Canucks fan! We used to do full-fledged 'Meets' that would bring upwards of 20 members to a pub to watch a Canucks game and talk shop. I had a lot of fun at those! It is wild to think of just how much I changed as a person in the last 20 years. I joined the Army, used this forum to post my blog about touring GM Place and meeting a bunch of my Canuck heroes while being back in Canada for 3 weeks during my tour to Afghanistan. I have spent some of my darkest days at the butt crack of dawn on this forum reading threads and player profiles to try and keep the demons at bay. I have typed and deleted 'Goodbye' posts on here, for myself, or for nobody....because again, it's been one of the constants in my life the last 20 years. At the time, I had relationships with both of my folks, now, I am not in any of their lives. I have burned bridges on here and have a lot of regrets over some of the friendships lost through this website due to my behaviour.....which is why I became more of a lurker during the last 10 years, but I have still always enjoyed seeing old names posting to get that swig of nostalgia. I enjoyed the opportunity to help moderate as much as I can. I was nowhere near as efficient as the moderating team that everyone knows (i'm rarely mentioned in the same breath as the moderating team that people actually know) and that's ok...CDC was a great escape for me when I needed it and I made a lot of potentially life-altering or even life-saving decisions while staring at the colours on this forum. I have registered for the new boards, but again will probably just fade away into the abyss of anonymity. I think if anything, I would like people to know my inbox is always open. I have various lived experiences including incredible highs and lows and sometimes you might need somebody during a dark time and I can always lend a listen or offer some advice. You're worth it. Everyone is worth it. Thanks for allowing me to open up/rant. Cheers all.
  6. Does this have to do with Canucks playing against the Ducks (?) in Japan in the 90s? If so, I'll just toss out Paul Kariya!
  7. I never would have guessed the 95/96 season! (googled after to check my aim)
  8. I wanna say it was Lemiuex? 1992 or 1993? 166 points?
  9. Off-loading a little bit here: I have been out of the Army since 2011. I have bounced around from industry to industry ever since. Even going back to school (Social Services). I cannot find a job, nor do I feel like I belong anywhere else other than something military or paramiliitary. I have an opportunity for an air force position (reservist, but essentially full time work), same rank when I got out, just a different trade/element. I have been informed that I would probably have to do BMQ (Basic Military Qualification) again, which is sort of wild to me. I successfully passed in 2006 (even won Top Shot out of 60 recruits), soldier qualification, trade qualification, even a deployment overseas. I spent my 21st birthday on the range in Farnham in 2006. I am turning 38 next month. I am flip-flopping back and forth...Could I do it again? I have slowly turned myself back into a machine and almost back down to my football/hockey playing weight. I think the mind melter for me is having my DEUs hanging in the closet with my tour medal, while getting jacked up by a 25 year old MCpl who is still wet behind the ears. The new course is now only 8 weeks and it's totally revamped, seems like they are really trying to change everything in the current military, so it would definitely not be as 'harsh' as when I went through, but i'm sure you can still appreciate the conundrum.


    TL;DR: Veteran looking to re-enlist. Certain barriers seem like they might be too hard to overcome. Imagine doing a degree, then 20 years later saying it 'expired' and you had to take the same courses again. Would be strange!


    Thanks for reading!

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    2. diesel_3


      @PhillipBlunt Thanks, man...I truly appreciate it! Feels like a lifetime ago and almost a completely different person from when I was in!


      @smithers joeThanks, Joe...When people ask, I would always say I regret getting out, I had just wished I picked a better trade. Army was great for being young and in my 20s but long-term sustainability, Air Force is definitely the better play. I would have about 4 months of total training before I wouldn't have to do anything for awhile, and that would all be within my first few years. I think it's more of a guilt thing, too. Leaving my toddler at home while Dad is running around playing Army at BMQ. It's wild how things can come full circle. I'm afraid of a little hard work these days, I suppose. My wife keeps saying short term pain for long term gain and I suppose *whispers* she's right.


      @Citizen Erased Great perspective! I have never thought of it that way. These last 12.5 years I have never made a 'friend' as close to the ones I had when I was in the Army. Sad part is, when everyone release, much like pro sports, they go back to their respective cities and towns across Canada and you don't really hear from them anymore. I DO miss that commaraderie, which is why I love/miss team sports so much. I could even get back into playing hockey and try out for the senior men's base team (35+).

    3. Citizen Erased

      Citizen Erased

      There’s a reason the military is called a band of brothers. You may not miss fighting in a war, but rather the camaraderie that comes along with being a tight knit group of people over an extended of time, exactly like athletes who compete in team sports. I hear this often from former athletes. They acknowledged that they might not be able to compete anymore or hate travelling so much, but miss being around the guys. If you can join a hockey team, I would highly recommend it. Even if you were terrible and a benchwarmer, just being around could help fill that void. I’m sure you’re not terrible though and would see plenty of ice time. Lastly, like others have said, thank you for your service to our country and may you enjoy the next chapter of your life!

    4. brilac


      The job market is tough right now since the pandemic and especially during the summer. I was laid off last year and this year as well. 


      During the pandemic I saved like crazy knowing that being laid off could happen and it did, twice. 


      When things happen that are not great, like being laid off, I look at the positives. The last layoff occurred in June. I had the opportunity to sleep in, focus on looking for work, and enjoy the summer. I am starting a new position soon, and have been taking the last few weeks since the job offer to enjoy my time off. I am going over to Victoria on Saturday, went to Vancouver last week, was out to lunch yesterday, and today - I am going to clean my apartment and listen to Pulp! 


      You will find what is perfect for you. Trust me! 

  10. Oh wow! Years ago! Old school pro hockey that had some of the players living in the little apartment attached to the rink. Might have to add this to my flea market DVD list!
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