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  1. I'm still here! I know who Colon Dee is!!!!!! He was almost like Frank Abingale (?) of Catch me if you can fame! Haha Damnnnnn dude......you're right, it hasn't been without its problems. We were just emailed a link this afternoon (that isn't working) on signing up for the vaccine, so hopefully when the site is up, i'll be one step closer!
  2. Unfortunately, I'm a firefighter....we aren't high on the priority list, apparently.
  3. Good vet move by Edler. I like that outta him, he knew he threw a nasty one and took his lumps. Atta boy.
  4. Yup! People were luke warm on Motte, too. I just want a high motor and a bottom 6 player who doesn't lose the puck if someone is in his personal bubble.
  5. Easy on the knee-jerk reaction, folks. Not exactly going out on a limb here, but there is a good chance neither player will even be in the show anymore in 3 years and this will all be forgotten.
  6. Well, Vesey is 3 years older, so maybe there is still hope for Jake? Jake will never escape the criticism due to where he was drafted, which isn't his fault, but he could silence the critics more if he just took more of a dog on a bone approach and stopped thinking while playing. In Vesey's defense, him and Jake are completely different players and maybe Vesey wasn't jiving with the 'skill' that he was surrounded with. He did have some chances playing with Tavares (Who is also not looking very sharp -- even though his point totals would say otherwise) and didn't seem to make the most of h
  7. Unfortunately my Wife is a Leafs fan...So, we've watched plenty of their games around these parts. Vesey always seemed very uninspired and unmotivated, he has a bigger body on the ice, but doesn't really use it effectively at all. He just filled a sweater, didn't really help the Leafs, but also didn't really hurt them, either.
  8. Note: Tags are mandatory only in the Trades, Rumours, Signings forum and in the Proposals and Armchair GM'ing forum.
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