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The question i ask is: what do we do for line ups in game 5. You can bet your last dollar Daniel felt that hit that rocked Henrik. Where ever he was he hit the roof. Daniel will play in the next game and the canucks will win. For game 5 Bitz can join the line up. With Bitz back what do you think the forward lines should and will be.

Dan Hank Bitz

Lappy Kes Bur

Higgins Phalson Hansen

Weise/Reinprecht Malhotra Kassian/Booth/Ebbet

Twins will be fired up by being back together again and Bitz can help protect them and he will be turned into an offensive machine by the twins.

2nd line will feed off each other and start to produce.

3rd solid checking line

4th not used much. Whoever is willing to hit and block shots or whoever will make an impact

What they will be

Dan Hank Bur

Higgins Kes Booth

Raymond Lap Hansen

Wiese Phalson Malhotra

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