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  1. I like Tocchet. But him continuing to play Hughes almost 30 minutes a night in completely meaningless games is a mistake. It’s foolish. The target is in the start on next season. Cut him way back or just sit him. Same with Demko
  2. I’m with you there. Demko should not play another game. Hughes should be playing 18-20 mins a night. Not 30 constantly in completely meaningless games.
  3. It’s Pride night. That’s why the word pride was plastered all over the event. I’m not going to celebrate someone else’s sexual behaviour. That’s such an odd request. And certainly won’t celebrate the crazy idea that men and women can swap their sex/gender. There’s nothing wrong obviously with gay people playing hockey. If they want to they should. It’s a problem when you claim it’s simply about being ‘nice or inclusive’ and lump it all under the 2SLGBTQIA+ umbrella, then demand you wear a flag on your body celebrating it saying you’re proud. No thank you
  4. Because it’s not “gay inclusion into hockey culture night”. It’s not LGB night. It’s lbgt PRIDE night
  5. They have the freedom and the ability to believe they are a member of the opposite gender yes. Doesn’t mean it’s true. Because it’s not. We don’t agree. Go Nucks
  6. It’s not my business if people think the earth is flat. However I’m not going to march along side them cheering and agreeing with them. It’s a lie. It’s not true
  7. People cannot change their sex. It’s simply not true. Some people refuse to participate in a lie.
  8. For refusing to play along with the absurd idea that men can become women and women can become men. Yes
  9. You’re making the same point I made. I literally just said if Kuzmenko played for another team people here would be calling for his head but because he’s ours he’s getting a pass. Difference is I supported the other players who simply said ‘no’ just like I support Kuzmenko.
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