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  1. Habs Tampa/Newyork Newyork/Tampa Habs Anyone but Vegas
  2. Hard to say. No one at all talked about it during the season so it’s anyone’s guess
  3. If Jake raped her I hope they lock him up and throw away the key. If it’s found these are false rape allegations I hope they lock her up and throw away the key.
  4. Trump living rent free in a lot of people’s heads here lol
  5. KK easy. Similar to Pettersson. Lead rookies in goals and points and finished just under a point per game. With the goalie finishing second.
  6. He had 11 points in 35 games this year in the KHL. I’ll be happy if he works hard and earns a spot on the roster at all next year. People need to temper their expectations with this kid. That being said, I hope he scores 60 goals next season and wins the Conn Smythe and has his jersey retired league wide.
  7. Fair points. I’d still take MT over OJ 10/10 times. Then and now. However as I said in my original post I’m rooting for OJ to flourish here
  8. I find it funny how any slight criticism of any player labels you not a ‘real fan’ from the real fans lol. OJ is a Canuck so I’m obviously pulling for him, but anyone who still claims 5 years later that that was the correct pick is either blind, a homer, or an idiot. Matthew Tkachuck is nearly a point per game agitating player. Imagine him on Horvats wing. Ahh what’s if’s. O well, go OJ.
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