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Stop With The Luongo Bashing!


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If you guys dont like Lu, then DONT WATCH THE CANUCKS!!!!!!! You guys all bash him just because Schneids is doing well, what if he doesnt do well? You guys NEVER bash him. You bash Lu, just because hes a high paid goalie, overrated and you want him gone. you people dont know that NOONE surpassed McLean's wins, ONLY LU did. Hes BY FAR the BEST goalie the CANUCKS has ever had. Did you want Cloutier back? Now, HE sucked, Lu on the other hand DOES NOT! SO STOP BASHING LU!!!!!!!!!!!

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Luongo's a great goalie, but Schneider's simply better right now. If anything, I'm not happy with how AV has handled things with the goalies because his decisions to blindly play Luongo for years have only made things worse.

With Schneider starting games 4 and likely 5, I'm really not sure what will happen with the goalie situation, but I'm extremely satisfied with how Luongo's carried himself for this team for the past 6 or so years.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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