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  1. Can we not play yet another period of shutout hockey? How many of those did we have last season?
  2. This made me smile. Kudos to the starter of the topic. Anyone else get warm and fuzzy when they say the name, even if it’s spelled differently?
  3. Lol Mike Smith reacting like he won the Cup Lots to like but I'm not happy about the lack of chemistry. All goals were point shots. No good passing plays. Hopefully that'll come in the next few games
  4. I don't remember the last time we generated a goal where the scorer had an empty net. We just don't move pucks to get goalies out of position
  5. Some good things so far, but I'm wondering how many periods of hockey we're going to play this season where we don't score a goal. We played far too much shutout hockey last season and I'm disappointed that it has continued into this one so far
  6. Wow I don't even know what to say. It's like no matter how good the team is, they just can't get it done when it matters
  7. I'm glad to see that Vancouverites have better things to do with their time than protest about their hockey team, especially given all there has been to protest in the world this past year
  8. Big respect to both teams for the battle tonight. They must be exhausted Oilers waste another great McDavid season. Lots of questions in Edmonton. The fact that they went down to two lines for all of overtime shows they have no depth. And Mike Smith was great tonight but the reason I took zero Oilers in my playoff pool was I felt goaltending was their Achilles heel. Good on the Jets. They put on a masterclass in how to shut down the Oilers
  9. I didn't think it could get any worse than being a Canucks fan, but I think being an Oilers fan right now is actually worse. We had low expectations for most of the season. These guys were planning the parade
  10. A for effort but, plain and simple, we are a bad team. We don't have the talent or the depth to keep pace with the best teams in the league. This is not because of the outbreak, although obviously the fatigue isn't helping. It was the case at the start of the year too. We don't have the talent or chemistry to generate high quality offence
  11. If this is true, and it sounds like it is, I hope Virtanen never plays in the NHL again. What a wasted talent and what a tragic situation. Good response by the Canucks to distance him from the team and to acknowledge the seriousness of the allegations and to launch an investigation right away. I wish only the best for the young woman and all involved
  12. Gotta love these "bottom of the division" "who sucks more" games
  13. I could care less who wins or what the score is today. Just hope the players are safely able to get through the game
  14. We are a pathetic team. really wish we hadn’t gone on that winning streak. Let's just call it what it is - a failure of a season
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