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  1. Love the response by the Canucks after a poor effort last game. Love that they were able to maintain the 2-goal lead. And love that Cheech will be back soon. That's enough awkward comments from Corey lol
  2. OMG did you see that puck movement!!!! We haven't seen that in years!!!!! I could cry!!!!!
  3. Every time I see # 21 on the ice, I think it’s Loui. Such a great feeling to know it’s someone so much better
  4. Frustrating that we can't generate offence unless the goalie's giving up bad goals. Lots of good chances. No finish
  5. Can we not play yet another period of shutout hockey? How many of those did we have last season?
  6. This made me smile. Kudos to the starter of the topic. Anyone else get warm and fuzzy when they say the name, even if it’s spelled differently?
  7. Lol Mike Smith reacting like he won the Cup Lots to like but I'm not happy about the lack of chemistry. All goals were point shots. No good passing plays. Hopefully that'll come in the next few games
  8. I don't remember the last time we generated a goal where the scorer had an empty net. We just don't move pucks to get goalies out of position
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