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Don't even mention Phoenix winning the cup. The team needs to leave Phoenix. The sooner they go out the better.

That and, the last thing we fans want is an ultra defensive team winning it all. Watching teams like Phoenix play is sort of like watching paint dry. There is a reason we don't go to the game when they are in town, don't watch it on TV and don't bother to listen to it on the radio. It is boring as hell, that's why. Defense wins championships. Good arguement. But....Sports is an entertainment industry. If the game is too F''ing boring to watch then it defeats the purpose. I refuse to support in any way shape or form any team that plays an ultra defensive game which results in hardly any chances to score. Even if this means hurting my team to do so. My msg to the league can only be shown one way. My absense from participating in that game at all. There is ZERO entertainment in what teams like this have to offer and that is bad for the game. Some of the best games i have ever seen have been 0-0 going into OT. It is not about goals scored, it is about chances created. If the only way to kill this sort of hockey which does kill us to watch it is to make the ice or nets bigger to create more goals and open things up then DO IT.

This year's playoffs represents the least amount of playoff hockey i have watched since the dead puck era. And why is this. Simple. We have the likes of St Louis, Phoenix, and New Jersey playing in them. The only series remotely worth watching in the second round has been Washington - New York.

The best final we fans can hope for is LA vs New York or Washington.

The disaster final would be Phoenix vs New Jersey. This has about as much entertainment potential as a snail race. No thanks, I will watch anything else first.

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