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Samsung Note + Data Only + Voice/Text in Canada w/Android?

Mr. Ambien

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This may not be a simple topic, in fact I don't expect many responses (wouldn't be surprised at 0 responses), but, some relevant background tl;dr **** before I commence with discussion points/questions:


- I'm going to buy a Samsung Note, which is sized at 5-inches, tablet-like specs, and while technically a smart phone it's more like a mini tablet to me. Both my wife and I agreed to get a tablet each this year, she got a 7.7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus which I personally find too large still and there's no market right now for smaller tablets around the Note size. It's my turn for a tablet, or this scenario would cover our agreed tablet cost, I've played around with a Samsung Note that a friend has and it still would fit in most of my pockets and in one hand, making it more physically versatile according to my personal wants, plus I have bluetooth anyways.

- I plan on activating voice+data and cancelling voice on Bell while keeping data/moving to a tablet plan, paying voice termination fee, but nonetheless paying less than full price for out of contract Note ($500 total after paying subsidized phone cost+voice termination fee+$50 discount promotion going on via Bell for a subsidized Note.. versus $800 buying outright with no contract). Looking at $35 for 5GB plan in the end, and since I'm smack in the middle of the GTA should get LTE speeds easy, but not like it matters as long as it can both hold a voice call in decent quality and load data like maps in a reasonable time frame. Pretty sure 3G can do this too just as easy.


Now, past tl;dr...

Does anyone have experience with wireless data services here in Canada using voice Android apps? Relevant things would be Google Voice/Talkatone (both of which I have), Skype, MagicJack, etc.

And/or does anyone have experience with app+service that can send/receive text messages from Canadian numbers or be added to family's+in-laws My5/My10 plans so they don't incur international charges?

I'm pretty much set for making calls under the tl;dr scenario, but it's a matter of receiving texts from people because the GV number I have is a US phone number, and obviously friends and family here in Canada would get their wallets raped texting/calling that #. Any tech nuts with experience on this subject.. your subjective/objective input on how to proceed (relevant to the matter at hand regarding phone and data which is set in stone) or just stating your experience on the subject of voice+text using data here in Canada is highly appreciated, reiterating the fact for the 5th time that I text friends/family quite a bit, especially my wife, not just use voice. If it were merely a matter of voice it would be a dead issue before it began.

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