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Gaunce (First wallpaper in just under a year)


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Hi dude, okay. Creative Forum seems a bit dead lately so idk if anyone will catch this but it's 3am and I'm bored... so here goes...

Really nice job. There's so much good going on it's honestly hard to find any faults. I think my favorite is the GAUNCE text, it's kind of unique but blends enough with the rest of the piece that it it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. I'm not usually a fan of the fancy script text that you used for his first name, but in this case, I think it still fits pretty well and personally I think that's pretty hard to do - find a good fancy script text and have that actually fit with the graphic - so A+ for that. Another thing that I liked - you know at first you'd think that the three blobs of light on the right would distract from the main renders but it doesn't... I think it's because you had three of them and that matches the three renders so in some way it balances out. If you did that on purpose (you probably did), good job, and nicely thought out. I'm also a really big fan of the colour scheme (gives me flying skate colour vibes ;))

My only thing is is bits of grey texture you have going on along the right side of the wallpaper - it isn't so much that it doesn't belong, but idk I find some of the random lines stick out in weird places (like the one above Gaunce #3's head). BUT, honestly, that's only when I focus on them.

SO YES. Gooood job. And apologies for the long post, my CnCs tend to get rambly...

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