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Sign Alex Semin

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I would love to see GMMG bring in Semin.

I really couldn't care less about what Matt Bradley told the media and then later apologized for. Maybe the tough guy was just jealous that Semin scored 24 more goals than him in his last year in Washington or when he had his career high 10 goals, Semin scored 30 MORE than him.

For a guy who 'disappears' in the playoffs he has 15 goals/34 points in 51 career playoff games playing for one of the teams that has the biggest disappointments come every post-season.. For a guy 'who doesn't backcheck' he more than makes up for it with his offensive ability and he's actually a lot better defensively than people give him credit for. The media sometimes just likes to exaggerate the whole 'lazy Russian' theme.

Maybe on a team like Vancouver who's made it to the finals recently and has two fantastic two-way centers in their top-6 (Kesler, Hank), Semin would be the perfect fit.

He's known as a sniper but his playmaking ability shouldn't be overlooked either. In 2009 he had 45 assists in 62 games.. in 2010 he had 44 assists in 73 games.

Henrik, Daniel and Semin on the powerplay would be huge.


Considering what UFAs have gotten so far this summer Semin's goal-scoring abilities should be able to net him a short term contract worth 6.5 a year or a slightly longer one (5+ years maybe) worth 6 at least.

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I dunno, he outscored Semin in the 09/10 playoffs -_-

Point being, if guys on his own team are willing to bring the guys passion in to question, there must be an issue, and by watching the guy play even for a couple of shifts, that issue is fairly apperant.

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