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Hi guys! I'm pretty much new to ice-hockey. I've been watching for a few weeks and I really can't get enough! I signed up to NHL.com and i really enjoy watching a lot of different teams. I've even been watching some old games. I watched (i think) 2011 Stanly Cup match where Boston hammered the Canucks. I found myself really rooting for the Canucks and since then i've been supporting the team and following all things Canucks.

I have bought a couple of jersey's online, but after reading a thread on this forum it made me understand it's important to have official merch. I'm pretty sure the jersey's i have are not legit. The reason i got cheaper ones is because i live in Northern Ireland (UK/Ireland) and by the time i pay for the jersey, the postage and the customs charges a single jersey is costing over $200.

In a nutshell: Is there anywhere in the UK to buy official Canucks merch so i don't get stung with crazy postage and customs charges?

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Pretty iffy.

Best place to buy official and legit merch would be on NHL.com

Its funny, in Vancouver you can basically buy any jersey from any team. Unless theres a big sports store in a big mall around your vicinity, it'd be quite difficult.

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You get hammered with customs fees on NHL.com though.

I've always just bought when I've been in the US/Canada. The UK is pretty poor when it comes to NHL merchandise. If you go to a website called FansEdge you can arrange delivery with all the customs fees included, but I'm not sure how expensive it is. My brother swears by it.

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