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Average goaltending has exposed us


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This is not a thread to bash the team; it's to look at the blatant truth staring us in the face. 0 for 20 on the power play coming in. 5 goals in our last 4 games (2 tonight so far though). These numbers far from what we've been accustomed too the past few years where we were top 5 in offence from power play & offense.

The defense has looked lost. Garrison so far is a dissapointment. Edler is following up on his play from the first round against LA last year. Ballard is again in AV's doghouse. The whole unit as a whole has no confidence or defensive stability.

The goaltending was great at the start. Masked many of our holes. But now that it's average, we are exposed for the type of team we have. We're running out of excuses. No kesler or bieksa i know, but EVERY team has injuries. Malkin out, Pittsburgh wins 5-1. Still gotta find a way through depth in the organization. Sadly we lack that too.

Even if we manage to go to playoffs, will we really make even a dent? Right now, it doesn't look so good. There's not much we can do to change it other than make some moves at the deadline (which i doubt we'll do) or have a coaching change. Losing faith in GMMG, hate to say it. Booth, Garrison, Ballard just haven't cut it for me recently as his major moves. Maybe the window has in fact already closed on us. We resemble the Sharks this year. Used to be great, now above average when we're playing our very best. .. Thoughts?

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