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I get that CDC wants to go for a cup this year, and that the Sedins window is slowly closing. But I believe we have bigger problems and this is the year to move on them.

#1, Deep drafts only come around every 10 years or so, if in possition, they give you a chance to add skill and depth to your organization in numbers.

#2. "IF" Booth and Ballard were moved either by trade or Bought out, our team still does not get more competitive, they remain status quo, while other teams that have had the cap space and the young players to make those alterations.

#3. You worry about the Sedins, but what about our depth players, Raymonds, Higgins, Lappy, Hansen, Tanev, an our 4th liners Most of which are up for contract or a year from it.

Add to that Edler and Burrows salary increases and you guarantee, that not much will change in Canuckville in the near future.

#4. Moving assest while they have value can always backfire, but if there is a well thought plan, instead of a knee jerk reaction, then the plan has a better chance of success,

We have assests that can bring in large returns, and can set the Canucks up for years to come, and will allow us to compete for available free agents. Point in fact: Garrison never cost us a player, draft pick, or anything, because he wanted to come home. You can't always count on that, but not all decisions are based on money.

Trading away an Edler, Luongo,

Schneider, Raymond and Higgins to a lesser extend, can also reduce your cap and put you in a better position for future players/draft picks.

My Position on this, is I do not believe we will compete for the Stanley Cup this year, other teams are stronger and/or younger. There are too many things broken this year, but I believe Gillis could fix them between now and this summer.

My view is you move players now for picks and 3 or 4 line players at the deadline and you pick up the higher end players either at the draft or in the summer.

I believe we should be sellers now, while GM's are paying crazy amounts for guys like Douglas Murray and Jerome, etc There will be alot of 2/3 3/4 players floating around this summer, because of Cap cuts.............

Remember the old addage of " Buy low, Sell high., Yes they are Tough decisions, you just can't have a "love in" with every single Canuck, otherwise we keep them all and let them play out their carreers here, not giving any young assests a place to play, and getting absolutely no return for your veterans.

Do you think the Shark Fans didn't love Murray, how do you think they feel in Calgary? But was it a good decision for theier franchise, long term?

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I agree.... We shouldn't blow up our future and go all in for this year like the Penguins. We need to think about a few years down the road. If we go all in this year, our prospect pool (which is bad currently) will be terrible, and we will have to let players walk because of cap reasons.

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Come on CDC think about this a little and get passionate! If you agree, say so! If you don't, say so as well! Don't insult, put some thoughts out there and state your case. I love the Canucks dearly, and at 55, after a heart attack and 2 bouts of Cancer, I would love to see them win it this year, but way too many things are wrong!

Get out of the chocolate and say something!

I have always wondered what I would like more, a Stanley Cup or another 10 years of winning. I side on another 10 years of winning! But a cup would be nice!

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