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I can't imagine the fans of hockey are willing to think these Canucks are capable of getting past round one of the playoffs the way they play.

They chase, they stick check, they trip, they avoid the check and they just put in the time to collect their paycheck.

These millionaires should be ashamed of what they're bringing to the game. They can't dominate St. Louis, they can't even keep up with 10th place Dallas and they think they're good enough to challenge for the Stanley Cup? Hardly. What a bunch of overpaid bums!

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So if the canucks don't go 82-0 in a full season are out hopes shot ? Jesus, give your head a shake. We don't have to perfect every game dude.

Your parents made a mistake so why can't the canucks ? I'm tired of all these trolls and fanboys of other teams on here.

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