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  1. The Nurse contract isn't great but at least he can be a tough physical defenseman to play against. For me it's Blake Coleman, zero chance he plays to that potential and very likely he eventually gets bought out.
  2. Done Done Done, I processed it on the same day as Herberts trade seeing as Tkachuk didn't play yesterday. Screw you..
  3. Yup, I gottcha! Will get it in tomorrow.. One of my fav parts of Pickuphockey is you can date a trade anytime you want.
  4. Finally had a big showing to close that gap a bit. 19 points from Kings of Leon...
  5. Back in the pool baby... You may pick any player that is not currently on a team.
  6. Done. All points Oct 19th forward are yours.
  7. Just entered.. Any Bennett points from Sunday forward are yours.
  8. I was a bouncer at Mirage for 2 years, had some beauties back then.
  9. Really ? I would be surprised if it's targeted. This actually happens all the time in Yaletown.. A few times a night on the weekend, sad but true.
  10. You do know it’s split system points and you don’t get any past points, right ? This is your last trade for the entire 1st round pool.
  11. It looked really awkward... Couldn't tell what it is...
  12. @Master Mind@Big-Country @70seven@Cromeslab@VancouverHabitant@I.Am.Ironman@Petey_BOI@Western Red@Herberts Vasiljevs Just confirming you all saw the swap rule change. Feel free but be careful if you use your 2 picks too quickly. Newtons law says that's when a major injury happens.
  13. Yeah that's my bad brother. I changed the OP. We did talk a bunch about it so I assumed people saw it, but I know we should never assume...
  14. There was 1 full page of talk. We switched it!
  15. Confirmed, this will take place tomorrow morning. Bertuzzi points will start accruing as of tomorrow morning.
  16. When you have a billion dollar company you want to piss off the pennies, not the dollars. It is what it is...
  17. That's what I mean. I think they refund everybody across the board who purchased tickets through ticketmaster and assess from there. The easiest solution is to sell the most expensive tickets and refund the upperbowls from the people who have purchased tickets.
  18. If she doesn't then seasons ticket holders will be the only people in the building. They make up around 37% of the arenas tickets. Everybody who purchased tickets will be refunded tickets.
  19. Wait, what ?! Where is this money coming from ?! Something seems very wrong...
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