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  1. Montreals lineup has changed a just a tad since I took over 2 months ago... Before Tomas Tatar - Elias Lindholm - Nicolas Deslauries Anthony Duclair - Christian Fisher - Brett Howden Jeff Petry - Quinn Hughes Duncan Keith - Mackenzie Weegar Carson Soucy - Jason Demers Mikko Koskinen After Dylan Strome - Ryan Strome - Mitch Marner Dominik Kubalik - Bo Horvat - Brock Boeser John Klingberg - Adam Boqvist Tyson Barrie- Ryan Lindgren Duncan Keith - Carson Soucy Thatcher Demko
  2. Release Nelson Nogier Michael Gildon
  3. I'm curious if the AHL all-stars would beat the KHL all stars in a 7 game series.
  4. Shows you the talent level difference. 1st line, All star winger/Centre in the KHL. 3rd line winger/bust in the NHL.
  5. Knights just scored more goals then the Jets did in the final 3 games combined...
  6. 9M career earnings in 7 NHL seasons, 33 points in 167 NHL games.. How much money have you made in the last 7 years ? How many points did you score in the NHL ? Bad form.. Have some decency..
  7. Just booked this resort, the offer was too good to pass up.. Man if feels good to look forward to something finally...
  8. Yup and that's why it's cut off... haha... We decided 1 and done...
  9. He's a dream kid, chill in every situation..
  10. Yeah I'm a big resort person.. We're looking at Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa They got a 1 bed suite for $400 a night, really good price.
  11. Where have you stayed ? Was it any good ? Should I avoid any places ? Let me know. Family of 3, looking to spend around 8K max CAD. Let me know!
  12. Crystal ball outlook. The social media messages will indicate the general intention to "get together" and it will be swept under the rug. A small "get lost" payment will happen with a NDA so we will never hear about it.
  13. Wrong.. Not giving up but you can't trade him on the potential of him being decent for a #1 Defenseman.
  14. The point being made is you're overvaluing these prospects. Where's the value of Juolevi ? Is it because he did "Just Ok" in the OHL ? Or because he finished 308th in scoring in the AHL in his highest scoring season ? What makes him valuable enough to be the key piece in a Seth Jones deal ? The fact that he was drafted too high doesn't give him any value. Maybe it's that his plus minus in the pros is -21 that he's so valuable. You can't put a disclaimer that people will react accordingly because of your own agenda. Trash is trash and he's a proj
  15. That's what I make a week so it doesn't impact me that much. Well, 3M people in the lower mainland, only around 5000-7000 STM. A lot are business expenses, very few are people actually going to each game as a general fan without any sort of write off. The target audience is 150K and higher.
  16. Just did my application for the Masters, fingers crossed this year. Been denied for 4 straight years. I have to be due, right ?!
  17. I go to majority of the games, I take clients. Tickets aren't that expensive, only 5K for 2 seats currently.
  18. The Atlhetic staff did a mock draft tonight, this is how it ended up. 1. Buffalo Sabres: Owen Power, LHD, Michigan-Big Ten Power is the safe, logical pick. He also might be a tough sell in Buffalo. The Sabres haven’t been able to score for a decade. With a thin pipeline, they desperately need more talented forwards. But Buffalo sure has the makings of a defensive powerhouse after adding Power. The 6-foot-6, 213-pounder would join a stockpile of young blueliners that features Rasmus Dahlin, the No. 1 pick in 2018; Mattias Samuelsson, the No. 32 pick in 2018; and Ryan Johnson, t
  19. Met my wife on POF. Been married for 5 years and have 1 kid. Only advice I can give you is the more serious you take your profile the better results you will get.
  20. I'm almost certain the Canucks move up in the draft this year... 

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      I say the same thing every year as well.

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      If you get 1OA do you move down to 3rd and take Luke 

  21. Not sure which stat brings me more joy. Matthews with 1 goal or Marner with 0.
  22. I think the Jets just wash the Habs.. Habs are spent and already accomplished more then they expected..
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