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[Proposal] BC Depth D.

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So this is under the conditions that Ballard, is off the roster and that Corrado sticks.

Vancouver seems to always have injured D so here is what I propose.

Sign Tanev 2 yrs @ 1.35M

- Steady 6th man

- Probably won't be a fixture top 4 but is already top 5 on current roster

- Signing cheap for 2 year keeps him RFA and allows him to get a more lucrative contract when cap is higher

Sign O'Byrne 1 yr @ 2M

- Gives us a 4th RHD that gives us insurance in case of 1. Corrado/Tanev under-performing 2. RHD injury (like we have right now)

- Would probably be willing to sign with Vancouver as a BC native and a chance to win a cup.

Trade for Stoner


not sure what it would take but it isn't impossible. Minny has some youth D coming up that will be fighting for a roster spot. Will likely have buyout candidates giving them room to land a higher skilled D.

So that gives us 8 roster D:

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Edler - Corrado

Garrison - Tanev

Stoner - O'Byrne

Now having 3.05M tied up in depth D men it may sound bad. but if you look at it like this:

2013-14 vs 2012-2013

5M vs 4.6M

4.6M vs. 4.6M

4.6M vs. 4.5M

4.5M vs. 4.2M

2M vs 3.25M

1.35M vs 1.225M

1.050M vs 900k

599K vs 700k

23.699M vs 23.975

Now it doesn't look so bad. Considering Stoner/O'Byrne is an upgrade on our current #7,8. that is a solid top 8 even before Trading Lu and Booth and gives us 2 big bodied D that can play 15-18M a game when necessary. Plus, we all root on BC natives there is a reason everyone drools over Weber but never went totally bonkers trying to come up with bonehead trade proposals to land PK or Suter.

We know that AV is going to go with 8D men anyways, why not make it as deep as it can be? I was really bummed this year when we signed Barker/Vandermeer and were unable to find a RH depth D instead.

Having these two guys here fore 1 year also gives Andersson/McEneny another year to develop

Flame away but in my opinion it is doable and allows us to allocate the 9.6M from Booth/Lu towards a balanced Forward Lineup.

Edit: I made a mathematic error, but we are still spending less on our 8 D.

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