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Hate To Say It But I Told You So


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Well I've been saying this all season long - you want Cory Schneider in net over Luongo in a big game, big moment situation and this is what you get.

Schneider can play as well as he wants during the regular season, but he's HOPELESS in the playoffs. Gets ventilated in the biggest game of our season, 0-2 with our season on the line, we finally score to get into the game and going into the third, Schneider single-handedly blows the game.

Luongo gave the Canucks a chance to win the first two games, Schneider finished us off. You can thank AV for this bonehead move of throwing in a cold goalie in over a big-game performer, and he should lose his job for it.

There you go folks. I told you so, and now the Canucks season is over because no one listened to me.

\rant, lock away.

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Nothing to do with him looking sick and coming into this game cold or anything right?


Go back to your hole, Schneider was giving the team a better chance last year against the Canucks and I'm sure if he wasn't coming off an injury he would of done the same this year.

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