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  1. Jb needs to go out and somehow find us a top 4 defenceman out of nothing...this team is in trouble. We're becoming a laughing stock, easy to play and score against. 1 win (albeit a shootout win we nearly blew at the end too) in 4 against very weak teams. Green simply needs to go, his systems aren't defensively strong enough at all. If were playing like this 20 games in JB has no choice
  2. Would like to see Schenn play and get some PK time, we can't keep playing Hughes 29 minutes a night... This is a surprisingly big game for so early in the season, don't want to be embarrassed by what should be a terrible team, and want to keep our heads over 0.500 because we've learnt it's so hard to crawl back from going under. This road trip should be a gift of average teams so we really need to bag some easy points here. Our offence has been clicking nicely, even against Detroit we should have scored more, but I worry about our defence and mainly our PK which is at around 50%. One of the worst PK and worst faceoff % in the league which is a shock, time to turn these ugly stats around. 5-0 Canucks.
  3. 2 goals in 2 AHL games so far for the kid, doubt he'll get a chance of a call up this season but hopefully he'll get a bit more of a shot next year as still only a teenager. It all comes down to his defensive play, if he's responsible in his own zone then Green will call him up sooner rather than later, but let's just hope he gets top-6 minutes all year long in Abbortsford.
  4. I would really like to see what Bo and Petey can do on a line together, they're the only two forwards who really haven't been experimented together. If you think about it Bo could really use his physicality to open up some ice for Pettersson and would help cover and defend a bit better as Petey is so often caught deep up ice. As to who plays with them...ideally a playmaker like perhaps Garland or Hoglander, as Brock would give us too many shooters on the same line. Pettersson - Horvat - Hoglander Garland - Miller - Boeser Would be worth a shot if/when this top-6 starts to struggle scoring later down the line.
  5. Agreed, he's not the best defensively. The last thing we need is an undersized puck moving defenceman who's average at best defensively. Don't get me wrong, he's not bad in his own zone but he's not a big penalty killer and far from a big tough guy. We basically need a younger version of Tanev sadly or pretty much one of the many Islanders/Hurricanes-type defencemen.
  6. I think he's going to be a fan favourite in no time, basically a smaller but more skilled (but less defensively aware) Burrows which is exactly what this team needs right now. It'll be interesting to see what Green does when Boeser comes back, we might see Garland anywhere in the top-6, either with Bo or maybe even playing with Miller and Petey. I think if he plays on our top line he might really create some space for Petey and might be able to spark a fire under Miller as well. He's got 3 points in 3 games right now and expect this year to be a real break-out season for him playing with our top guys. 60+ points certainly isn't out of the question, he may well have a Miller-like first season with us which would be huge.
  7. I know it has only been 3 games but we're dead last in faceoffs which is quite surprising, our PP has been pretty decent at 25% but our PK has been brutal - we're just about 50% on the PK. I knew this would happen and we'd struggle after losing Edler who's been so underrated on our PK, but we really need some solution there. I think we bring Schenn in for Burroughs who can kill penalties a bit better but it's still not a proper answer. We can't keep letting in goals on the PP or we're finished, and it's a bad stat to go alongside that abysmal faceoff %. I think subjectively we've good 5-on-5 and that's against a good, average and bad team. Plenty to work on though. We've been in all of the games if not the better team at some points.
  8. We've basically just snagged a prime Edler and Burrows for the cost of a 1st round pick. Considering we blew a 1st on Juolevi, that's not a bad trade-off. Sure, OEL is a bit older and only has maybe a year or two of his prime hockey left but Garland is young and full of energy. Absolutely brilliant trade by JB yet again, similar to the Miller trade, swapping a 1st to a hungry team not only to dump loads of cap but to steal away their best players for now and in the future. I'm surprised no other team had the guts to make a trade like this first. Garland is quickly becoming a fan favourite and I think will continue to do so, it'd be nice to see him score more goals but we've lacked this grit and peskiness for a long time. Roussel was signed to bring it and all he ever brought were bad penalties, but Garland is finally giving us what this team needs. We don't need to have size to have toughness and grit, Garland is showing how else you can be difficult to play against.
  9. I wonder what's been agreed to behind closed doors, you'd like to think JB has some sort of arrangement here with Hamonic that we don't know about and that maybe this is a sneaky way to keep him at home away from it all while we don't pay his cap, and maybe he comes into the season later down the line? Who knows, lot of smoke...
  10. I can understand Green's lack of trust and giving him more ice-time, he's really making the kids earn their playing time. Hughes and Pettersson didn't really have to, they were almost thrown into ice-time because we didn't have much of an option. Podz has been great all over the ice but special shout-out to Myers on that goal, he did a brilliant job skipping through the neutral zone, giving it over to Podkolzin and not to mention the little box-out to buy him some time and space - veteran smart move. He's surely earned a bit of ice-time on our 2nd unit PP but don't see him cracking 10 minutes a night with Green behind the bench for a while.
  11. This kid plays with a lot of energy, perfect bottom-6 player and fills a key role of future bottom-6 centers that we've been lacking as well. Beagle and Sutter out, Lammikko and Dickinson in has been a refreshing replacement and an injection of energy to our pretty sluggish/slow bottom-6. He's making Juolevi look pretty expendable day by day. If he scores any points or goals that would be a nice addition but so far so good!
  12. Expected a bit more from Garland to be honest but it's only been a couple of games, hopefully he settles in nicely. You can see he's got the skill there, he just hasn't burst into the season the way some of the other guys have but I think he'll get there and hopefully pot 20+ goals.
  13. I think he's been pretty decent so far, certainly not suited for a top-6 role but really should be deployed more in one of our bottom-6 lines going forward to add a bit more offence. He is very versatile, we haven't had a player like Chiasson for a while who can do everything. I'd be interested to see what he could do alongside Motte who also plays a strong defensive game but has the ability to score big playoff goals as well, maybe with Sutter or Dickinson as center who both have some secret offensive skills hidden away. They'd be a nice defensive-minded trio who can hem opponents top lines in their own zones quite nicely.
  14. Might be ugly after a back-to-back but let's see what Halak can bring to the table hopefully? We really need to defend better, can't keep giving up goals like this and here's a chance against an average team. 4-2 Canucks.
  15. I'm surprised we're still playing Burroughs over Schenn at 12 minutes a night and Rathbone at 12 minutes as our bottom pairing. I don't think this waiver pickup is the answer but we have to do something or our top 4 are going to be exhausted by Christmas...
  16. Great showing by our top players, glad to see Miller, Petey, OEL and Hughes make strong plays, Demko didn't have much of a chance on our goals against, our PK and defence, particularly Poolman, weren't very good tonight. We shouldn't be letting up late 2 goal advantages but found a way, have to play with more confidence to end a game. Dreadful defending on the last 2 goals. Chiasson and Podz scoring proves our depth, this team finally has some good 3rd and 4th liners who aren't just pylons but who can score. Our 4th line were pretty useless but we've got a great 3rd line developing now with Chiasson and Dickinson and they play a hard game as well. Lots of things to tighten up on the PK and defensively but we're scoring goals and got pretty lucky tonight with the bounces. Hope we'll be able to contain Bertuzzi tomorrow night...
  17. Green didn't show our bottom pairing any trust against Edmonton. Sure, we were chasing the game in the 3rd period, but we can't continue like this - with our 3rd pairing playing 12 minutes a night, and only have them play more even minutes if we're winning or blowing out an opponent, because it's not going to happen much this season. Rathbone as the 5th guy is reasonable but then we need someone safe to back him up and I don't think Burroughs is the right answer, I'd rather see how Schenn performs there as he's much more qualified and brings some much-needed toughness back to our defence. He can also kill some penalties quite well too.
  18. MacEwan can be replaced, he's a 7-10 minute forward who throws hits but can't score or kill penalties. We need guys who bring more to the table. Gadjovich is a much bigger loss, he has 20-goal scoring, tough top-6 winger potential written all over him if he can get it together. He almost scored a goal per game in the AHL last season in a brief stint so may just take time to develop but we really messed up by losing him. Instead we've stuck with relatively smaller/less physical guys like Dowling and Highmore who sure, are a bit stronger defensively and can kill penalties better, but aren't as physical and certainly don't have as much potential up-side as Gadj.
  19. If a deep team like Washington is claiming him, it makes you wonder why we didn't...with Burroughs and Rathbone playing around 12 minutes as our very basic 3rd pairing last night. This team desperately needs some sort of defensive depth after losing Juolevi and Hamonic in one off-season, let's hope JB has something planned but right now we're going in thin.
  20. Solid team performance, deserved a better fate. Top line didn't produce much but obviously involved in the tying goal, Miller and Petey need to bring more to the table. Pettersson will always play with flash but he needs to tone it down, simplify his game and just shoot more and not try to force impossible passes or he's going to frustrate everyone this season. 2nd line were dominant, Horvat had a great game, Hoglander as well and I thought Pearson was everywhere tonight, making great scoring chances and more importantly defending against Edmonton's top players really well. Our 3rd line surprised me with how tenacious they were, especially Lammikko and Dickinson did a great job. We've revamped our bottom 6 and these guys look great, let's hope they can keep their energy consistent. The rest of the bottom 6 guys were so-so but didn't get a lot of icetime. Green is going to have to trust them a bit more depending on how long Sutter and Motte are out because we won't survive long with 3 players under 10 minutes of ice-time. On defence, I think Myers played a great game, big hits and was solid in his own end. OEL was much more solid defensively than I expected and obviously pots a nice goal with some nice wrist shots along the game that will challenge defences. Poolman played a safe game and of course brilliant play by Hughes to nab us a point with the smart goal against a pretty bad hole from Smith. Barely noticed Burroughs and Rathbone but again, we aren't going to survive playing 4 defencemen hard and a bottom pairing of 12 minutes over the course of the season. No team works this way. I get we were trailing, but Green should have at least played Rathbone a bit more. Our 5th defenceman should play around 18 minutes and 6th maybe around 15 at the least. I worry about our top 4 surviving long term at this rate. Of course Demko was great, a good first game all around but lots to digest and hopefully improve on. This team has a lot of character and guts, let's just hope the top players execute a bit better and our coach uses the full complement of players better or it'll be a looong season...
  21. I think Schenn's going to log some big minutes this season. Injuries will hit and most seasons we go through a stretch of 2 D-men down for about 20 games, that's where I'm worried well see Hunt or Bowey play big minutes.
  22. Got a bad feeling about this one, McDavid's going to be rearing to go and we're the first bunch to get it taken out on. 5-3 shoot out, but I think we drop it.
  23. Nice job, needed him especially with Motte and Sutter out, Chiason and Lammikko somewhat replaces their quality in the bottom 6.
  24. Will be a rough offseason if someone claims Zac but I doubt it, everyone's roster is pretty much set by now.
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