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Culture change

Dubai 'Nucklehead

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I saw these comments from Robin Van Persie now playing football for Manchester United:

“I wouldn’t have moved if I’d had doubts,” Van Persie said. “Instead, from day one I was almost certain we would win trophies - not in a couple of years but this year.

“I saw the players in training. I saw the way they behaved, the way they lived, their mentality, the way the staff worked, the way the manager and the staff acted.

“When all those elements combine you end up with a team of champions. It also helps when you have so

many players who know how to win.”

Winning is a mindset and team culture. A team has to, collectively, believe they can win. Really believe, not just say the right things. The Canucks seem to have lost that after 2011.

Now it is about excuses and not personal accountability.

While they likely don't have the talent to win the cup, I would say they have enough to score some goals and win a few games.

Personnel changes will need to happen to not only address skill issues but also build the right team mindset.

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dont think anyone with a straight face is making excuses for this team. we suck. there's no secret to our game at all. it's the same old song and dance and other teams know it. vigs tells the guys to remain disciplined and that's... getting us nowhere. i can see the canucks being like toronto where we're the last place on anyone's list to play, where one has to "earn" ice time, and in vig's book, "you'll get your ice time until you make one mistake. I've used keith ballard as an example since day one, but when the sedins no show in the playoffs, they get a free pass, because... i'm the coach and you're not"

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