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Something that some people need to consider


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What if SJ steam rolls their way to a cup? Does this Vancouver team look so bad then?

I would not be surprised if they won it all this year. They have been knocking on the door for years. This year they have a good combo of speed, goaltending and grit. The pressure has been taken off of the likes of Thornton and Marleau by their young snipers. They remind me a bit of our 2011 team.

Also, judging by some of the posts here many of you do not have memories prior to the Naslund era when this team, outside of the Bure/Linden years, was a doormat. In the 80s, most of the 90s and some of the 2000's everything had to go this team's way for them to make the playoffs. Thoughts of actually winning a round were a pipe dream.. Now everyone expects a cup every year. How things have changed - it is this core of players that has caused us to shift our attitude - now everyone wants to sell the farm including some of these core players.

Finally, the media and fan frenzy going on right now is indicative as to why a Canadian club has not won the cup for 2 decades. In Canada GMs have significantly more public and media pressure on them to keep the team competitive and to win now. They cant hide behind 3 pages of sports stories like they do in places like Carolina and Tampa where they can take their time to develop talent, even suck at the bottom while collecting high draft picks. In hockey crazy markets like ours any sign of failure demands the coach's and gm's head on the chopping block. Does anyone think that the Chicago management team had all of this pressure on them while they were sucking at the bottom developing their talent and drafting guys like Kane and Toews?

Changes need to be made, a goalie has to be moved but I think that we are 2-3 moves away from being a dominant team again. Talk of trading the Sedins + Kesler + Edler + Burrows + Bieksa is just nuts!

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There's one thing to lose how St Louis or LA will, it's been a hard faught series with an undeserved exit for the loser. We were embarassed for the most part with alot of players under-performing. Changes need to be made.

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Just fodder for another excuse: "we are really the second best team as we lost to the SC winners."

Losing to the eventual winners is no different than losing to anyone else when its in the first round.

Management needs to finally admit that the team isn't as good as it was and it needs fixing to get back to the top of the league. They are saying the right things anyway.

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