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  1. In my mind Poolman is their "long term" replacement for Stecher. I know there have been 'analytics' thrown around about how good Stecher was but IMHO he got exposed in the Las Vegas series last year. He couldnt handle their bigger players, it looked to me like Vegas was purposely targeting his corner with dump ins and rushes because he had trouble with board battles and protecting lanes to the net. Waiting to see if Poolman is tougher to play against. Other than glimpses of him in Winnipeg, I dont know enough about him. Waiting to see him in a bunch of Canuck gam
  2. hopefully they are picking these guys coz they can win board battles and knock other guys on their arse coz watching that passive 5 man collapse d system last year was frustrating...
  3. Was one of the few oilers I liked ...but he was really bad for them in the playoffs that one time they made it lol....
  4. I read he wanted 5.85 mil per season. Hopefully he takes the lames to the cleaners...over pay for a shot blocking d man with 0 offence....
  5. looks to me like Colorado is arming up to deal with guys like Reaves etc in the playoffs. I heard same line of thinking when Guddy went to Pittsburgh, so he can deal with Wilson.... At the end of the day bad players are just bad players....although it is fun to win a fight once in a while
  6. Just trying to determine the reasoning here. Maybe im seeing this wrong. Another backup will cost $$ , so how big will the savings be. What is the motivation? More money for UFA? Money for EP and Hughes? Or have they just lost faith in him after last season?
  7. agree with this. The other thing is that Bo is going to be pushing 27 next year. How many more years of letting the team languish while collecting high draft picks are feasible with core players getting to the point of make it or break it time. In the end maybe OEL wasnt the right move, but in my mind the question is how long do we have to endure years like last year.
  8. Im having trouble understanding why some are viewing OEL as an anchor. Maybe Im missing something. Each time ive watched Arizona play he looks like their leader. 200lb 40+ point D men dont grow on trees. Granted hes a little older, but it reminds me of Montreal obtaining those older D men and their fans complaining at the time, It will take me a while to digest what giving up the 9th overall pick means, but right now i see 3 anchor contracts gone, a skilled top 6 forward and top 4 dman coming the other way.
  9. I once saw hrudey in a mall in Medicine Hat. i had two quick thoughts 1) this guy is smaller than I thought 2) I want to punch his loaf of bread head don’t know why I’m telling you guys this, but I can’t stand the bum
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