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  1. Dedicated to all of you that were trashing the kid in this thread:
  2. This is shocking - even though there were hints about it in the past days. So many good people in here with a passion for the game. I enjoyed everyone's perspectives - even those that i got heated and argued with. The way I see it is if Im arguing with someone about something regarding this team at 10pm on a week night during the off season they must love the team too. I work for a law enforcement org , approaching retirement. The job has been hard on me more often than not and this place was one of my escapes - 'talking' and reading about a team ive followed since elementary school with people that love the sport. Thanks to all the mods, VC, Stealth, Deb...for all your hard work and insights. Finally, the decision is puzzling. With the team not doing well for so many years I was afraid we are going to lose the younger generation. The kids I see around me these days seem to be more into basketball and NFL. Why not keep up a place like this that generates interest around the team. Is the technology getting old (like me)?
  3. 6'5" Viking Alberta No minus years outside of his first short stint in the NHL This lineup needed more sandpaper and grit, PA addressed some of that today.
  4. CDC is calm compared to how Montreal fans are reacting ( warning about the language)
  5. yup..i also said "uber talented"...
  6. When I see 5'9" on the card im thinking the guy has to be uber talented to win with. Im not betting on that, especially in light of how we need more size and grit all over the roster.
  7. So You keep OEL at his cap hit till 2027 or you buy him out, use the difference between the penalty and his salary to improve the D or 3c. The penalty lasts several years longer, ouch. If im gonna bet, this doesnt look that bad. OEL was not good, he was not good in his last year in Arizona, and judging by his age and injury history he probably wont get any better. Imagine Petey and Hughes - guys you will inevitably need to convince to stay here - watching the likes of OEL and Myers defend again, for another year. This looks painful any way you handle it. Im thinking its too early to call which option is the least painful.
  8. I’m fine with George McPhee finally getting success. He seemed like a genuine and honourable man while he was here in Vancouver. Came up short in Washington. That said, I hope Vegas doesn’t get another whiff for 50 years.
  9. If ‘mcwhiner’ had that Vegas D behind him I think things would be different. Just like Eichel on buffalo had like zero success. that d reminds me of the LA D that won cups. Big , physical, and very good at boxing out players.
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