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  1. I agree there may be a possibility that he goes to the Hawks and puts up some goals. As far as his utilization here I don’t think he could have been moved up the lineup as a centre. could he be an effective scoring winger? I’m curious to see how Chicago deploys him.
  2. I was a big Gaudette fan when he was in College, thought he would have good potential. He had a great motor and enough of a scoring touch to put him in the upper echelon of his peers in College. I always thought that his line mate Dylan Sikura (who wen to Chicago in the 6th round) had a higher ceiling. In the games I watched it was Sikura who stirred the drink on that line. Who knows, maybe Chicago has plans to re-unite the two at some point. (Im assuming Sikura is still in Chicago's system) Now for some reality. Gaudette is roughly one year younger than Bo Horvat. I think
  3. id take pretty much anyone over Loui right now, the bar isnt that high. Doesnt take away from my enjoyment of watching the lames nose dive and flounder after watching / reading so many of their fans "confident" comments at the start of the year.
  4. i think the smugness of this board wasnt at the same level though, there were very few people in here thinking we were making a cup run after all the roster losses and in light of the contracts....
  5. Calgary Fans at start of season "with Markstrom in net we are a legit contender" Go over to Calgary puck today to have a look at what the future champs are talking about these days: "Trade Tkachuk, he is a bum" "Markstrom is letting us down" "Trade Monahan" "Trade JG, the league has figured him out" "Fire Treliving for all the terrible contracts" "If Sutter cant save these lazy bums nobody can" What a tire fire! Yeah yeah, i know we are having a bad season too...but watching the chumps eat crow is fantastic...
  6. Hot garbage d zone coverage . Collapse collapse collapse. I hope they evolve their systems with a new coaching staff next year
  7. Just awful. Even the Montreal announcer is Wondering why they are giving Montreal so much room
  8. I hate that team. Look like garbage against other teams look like the 85 oilers when they play us. officiating sucks but they get worked like rented mules in the d zone. Like win a draw and get it out ..
  9. Don’t know why Montreal looks average when they play every other team but they look like the 1985 oilers when they play the Canucks
  10. A win is a win. In my mind I don’t weigh wins by the position of the dominant player. What’s the difference if EP dominates a game or the goalie is dominant? Hell I watched Roy single handedly win a cup in 93. that said they got a lot of work to do, need a couple more legit top 6 players ( one of which may be sitting in Russia) some scoring in bottom 6 and another top 4 d. the good news is they have a young stud goalie in net , just as important as EP or Hughes. A great core to keep building on.
  11. I get excited when anyone named Jimmy joins the team.
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