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  1. I like Markstrom as much as everyone else but I dont think hes the best goalie we have ever had. He was not so good for us for long stretches, even made the waiver wire once. There were years where I would cringe when he was the starter. Id say he was really good for 2-3 years. I have a feeling that Calgary will be looking at that contract in about 3-4 years and thinking...how can we unload this.
  2. yup. the best is how they mocked the sedins for years for their supposed lack of toughness, yet their first line is composed of two guys that make the Sedins look like Gary Roberts and Jim Peplinski by comparison.
  3. i think what makes the losses really hard to take is that they are against a division rival (which i dont think is any better than the Canucks) and they beat us with 2 long time players that were critical players here. It would suck if we lost 2 in a row to the NY Islanders, but it wouldnt suck this much. Not to mention that Flames fans are the worst of the worst, awfully smug in light of the fact that their team has made it past the first round only 2 times in 32 years.
  4. I think Loui is that warm well worn sweater you wear on weekends for Green. We might see him soon.
  5. Dude.. I’ve disagreed with you lots .. even argued with you a few times. I’m seeing your point of view.. more and more...
  6. There’s an awful lot of money tied up on players that could be replaced with cheaper options, Look at roussel as a prime example ...what does he do? These contracts prevented them from keeping key players and or bolstering the lineup with impact players so we aren’t hanging our hopes around 2 -3 players necks every night. If Petey and or Hughes have a bad stretch of games can this team win? specialty teams look awful or inept.. if it continues coaches need to be held accountable.
  7. The question is will it be JB making the draft choice .. can he survive a debacle of a season if they end up drafting that high
  8. Got to start studying the top 5 prospects in this years draft. Didn’t realize Luke Hughes is like 6’2”
  9. Imagine what a team like Tampa or Vegas would do to these guys right now. getting schooled by the lames.
  10. The d is getting cratered . It disrupts the ability of the top lines to get possession. Don’t know if it’s personnel, coaching or both. meyers ... just a hot mess. Can’t make the easiest clear on that pk. Then takes the bait from that weasel .. like a dummy. ol man Darius us getting to old for this. Sometimes I wish I can flip a switch in my head and forget About these guys for a season or two. but I’ll be back, suckered like meyers was suckered
  11. Friggen meyers had a chance to clear it about 15 seconds before he took the penalty. Any ahl d man could have cleared the puck. He makes that clear none of this would have happened. it’s gonna be a tough season to watch
  12. Why did he call himself George canyon? Why not Mitch Wrangler or Charlie Thoroughbred..