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  1. Interesting chart i found on HFBoards. looks accurate according to my recollection. Its from when Linden was traded back in '98 and it follows the trail of the subsequent players the Canucks got from that trade through the years, apparently Marky is the last to go.
  2. i cant remember which one of you guys suggested PACB back when it was like 2 or 3 dollars a few months ago....I shoulda listened....
  3. i had this debate with a buddy the other day. Its a fun hypothetical. he can skate, has great take away skills, great zone entries, shoots right.....can hit when he wants to....but i get the feeling theres a lot more "programming" involved to get a winger to play D....unlikely...but he does have a lot of the assets that a good d man should have.
  4. The use of semantics here is amusing Now here is the question. If JB managed to get Pietrangelo instead of Schmidt ( after convincing mcrimmmon he made a big mistake) ..... and .... three million of his salary retained for the same third rounder would it be a) great b) really good c) perfect
  5. I know it’s a great trade when the cynical voices in the room start using “really good” vs “great” when describing the trade .
  6. So never... ok then... Your standards for what is a great trade is unprecedented.. .. even during Covid... btw.. a team being stuck at a cap ceiling is nothing new..
  7. Just curious... when was the last time a third rounder netted you a legit contenders top pair d man plus a draft pick and or retained salary..
  8. I love Tanev but Im happy we wont be seeing that muffin shot from the blue line killing the play....from the sounds of it Schmidt's shot from the point is a little better...
  9. I suspect he chose Van. There had to be more than one team willing to give up a third rounder for a top 4 defenceman making under 6 million. Vegas caused a lot of upheaval in their dressing room by going after AP - surely many of their top players knew that they could be moved - and I suspect they did the right thing and got Schmidt's input of where he would like to go. Having Holtby and Beagle here was probably an advantage (on top of appearing as an up and coming team in the playoffs)
  10. cant believe some of the posters in here. Vegas is a cup contender, this is one of their top pair d men. Apparently hes the guy that ate the most minutes against the other teams best players.....yet its a bad trade for a third rounder 2 years from now, and its bad value contract. What does a d man like this deserver in their minds for it to be good value? 2.5 million? and maybe it should a been a 7th rounder....some of these guys make me scratch my head. Not even the HFBoards crowd is pooing on this deal and they hate benning.
  11. dont know much about this guy, but I like him already:
  12. You know it’s a steal when even hfboards are calling it a great trade lol