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PCHL Hat-trick silver hat!

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So, my great grandfather Maurice Duffy played for the San diego Skyhawks in 1947. During this time he played defense and scored a hat-trick somewhere down the line that year. He received a silver hat that goes on a silver necklace for scoring this hat-trick :o I just wanna know if anyone knows anything about these, collectible values etc I haven't been able to find anything except for his stats that year! Any info would be awesome. I'll post a pic soon too!

P.S: 1 post because I've been a lurker for like 2 years -.-

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Yeah, I'm not sure about the schedule back then I also know defencemen scored more also.. but 80 points :o

EDIT-I just looked at Gordie Howe having multiple 100 point seasons, did defensemen actually defend back in the day?

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