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  1. I guess that's why you keep saying that over and over and over and over and over again in this thread.
  2. nice little crabwalk across the top of the slot to find a seam, looks like he shortened his back swing a little
  3. It looks like Avto only dressed 7 defencemen and he probably got lots of PP time in front of the net but that's a big spike in ice time. I haven't watched more than a few minutes this year so far but the games are easy to find online. As far as development is concerned, I get the feeling from his latest interviews that NT wants to be the #1 D man on his team before he leaves.
  4. I've seen Avto put him in front of the net on PPs once in a while.
  5. A-B moved quite a few older players out last year for some young talent, not surprised THN didn't mention that because they probably didn't know that.
  6. I think Polasek was the top scoring Dman in the Czech league last year, we might even see him at the 2016 World Cup.
  7. I watched a few of his games last year, there are a few points to consider... KHL teams usually dress 8 defencemen and Tryamkin was always the youngest (Golyshev was the only player that suited up for any length of time that was younger but he's a forward). When Avto went into their playoff race, NT was bumped down the depth chart after ranging anywhere from #2-#6 in ice time. Younger players that play pro in Europe are usually used in a depth/reserve role anyway so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Tryamkin faces stronger competition than any other Canuck prospect in the system,
  8. In the interview, I think that was the first thing out of his mouth when asked about which prospects he was impressed with. The guy can move though, no question about that.
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