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[Value Of] Brad Boyes

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I'm not sure if the tag is supposed to be Value of, since hes an UFA but whatever.

He is pretty much the only Top 6 forward left, and thats something that we need to push us to the group of teams that are considered "Stanley Cup Contenders"

I believe we have 5 top 6 forwards currently, Daniel and Henrik Sedin, Ryan Kesler , Alexandre Burrows and Jannik Hansen. (Some people may think I'm crazy when I put Jannik Hansen, but hes fast, a hard worker, a very good checker and was on pace for 47 points last year playing mostly on the 3rd line. He also improves every year and was the 3rd highest scorer on our team.) Since we are missing one player to make a Stanley Cup Contending Top 6, Brad Boyes would be a perfect fit on the Canucks.

In my opinion, I think he's probably worth around 1.6-2.2 million. His numbers were inflated by Tavares last year, but he still shined and was on pace for 60 points last year.

So.. what do you guys think his value is, and can we afford him? (We have 4.4 million in cap space)

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