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Anyone use Playnow.com?


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I am considering putting money on them for betting sports/playing poker.

Is it pretty easy to get your money out if you win (ie do you have to pay a fee or spend a certain amount of money before you can take money out)?

Also how are the lines? A few buddies of mine who are laso hardcore NFL fans bet it each week during the season. They use sportsaction oddset at any lotto place. I am assuming the lines are the same as playnow is just a branch of sports action?

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I was listening to The Zone 91.3 Victoria and they said they had a $50 promo code through Playnow.com (heard that on Thursday around 6 PM). Can't seem to find it via Google, but I think the promo code was 'thezone' ... You could call them and ask, maybe?

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Playnow is pretty much the worst place on the planet for sports betting. The law in BC says you cannot bet on a single event. So they force you to make a parlay bet every time. That means you must bet on at least 2 events and get both right in order to collect. They are in the process of lobbying the government to change the law to allow for single game betting. Until they do a parlay bet is a suckers bet.

Getting money in and out of Playnow is a piece of cake.

Playnow Poker leaves a lot to be desired. The amount of players on Playnow Poker compared to other sites like PokerStars and Party Poker is a joke. For example, I just logged onto Playnow Poker and there's 655 people online. I just logged on to Poker Stars and there's 120,034 people online.

The Playnow site seems to be an amalgamation of the BCLC site and the Quebec Lottery Commission site. So the players are from BC and Quebec.

The Playnow software while functional is light years behind other sites. The only advantage to Playnow is the level of play. It is some of the most atrocious poker I have ever seen in my life. The site is literally packed with donkeys and fish.

A few other points. If you use a HUD it will work on the Playnow Site. You cannot get a rakeback deal on Playnow. I do not think Playnow offers any sign up bonuses. For example, on other sites you fund with $100 and the site will give you an additional $100 based on how much you play.

There's plenty of better options for both sports betting and poker. You might want to look at a one stop sports betting/poker site like bodog.com. Look around there's plenty of options.

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pretty much what nuckin_futz said.

When I signed up 99.3 The Fox had a $50 dollar sign up bonus, the code is "foxrocks50". From what I can see the code should still be valid. They also have a $100 first deposit bonus. You have to make an initial deposit of $100 bucks though and then bet $500 on eligible slot games to get the $100 token. (I managed to get to the $500 level just fine)

I had to set up a payment through my online banking to get money in and out as my credit card company won't allow me to use my card on playnow, So if I want to put money on the site I have to do it through my bank and it usually takes a couple days for it to show on playnow.

I haven't played poker on there yet, but the rakes look to be far higher than other sites from what I can see.

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