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  1. I wasn't aware mentioning it once was "all the time"... You do you though.
  2. Nice try, but I really don't care who their President is. All Politicians are scum. Though my buddy said it well. Voting for Biden because you hate Trump is like $&!#ting your pants and changing your shirt.
  3. Quebec Liberal vacationing down south despite repeated warnings to stay home https://www.citynews1130.com/2020/12/29/quebec-liberal-vacationing-down-south-despite-repeated-warnings-to-stay-home/?fbclid=IwAR2BoBZ6Vf2ykDqGYN3jf73ncYtmErysabTvQzsVila7UrOu0v-lrRXe0AM Remember, one rule for them, one rule for the rest of us. While some are apparently living in fear of a virus, the rest are living their lives.
  4. Bitcoin now over $34,000. Litecoin back over $170. Thinking I may finally cash out. Would be able to put a sizable down payment on a second home.
  5. AEW Star Jon Huber, Known as Brodie Lee, Dies at Age 41 https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2924218-aew-star-jon-huber-known-as-brodie-lee-dies-at-age-41 Damn! Far too young. I was aware he was off with an injury or something but this is rather shocking. RIP
  6. Bitcoin hitting another all time high. I really wish I would have paid more attention a few years before 2014 when I first heard about Bitcoin. Oh well. I still have 10 of the original miners I started mining with. Hopefully they'll be worth something someday. Though I'm sure there are millions of them out there.
  7. Think of it as a USB stick. So yes, its a physical piece of equipment. Just Google cold wallet.
  8. I don't really have one. I've been holding for the past few years. I invested back in 2014. Was using Carvirtex. That's how I first bought my Bitcoins and Litecoins. I was also mining Bitcoin back then. They went under some years back if I remember correctly. Also used Quadriga before they ripped everyone off. Everything I currently have is stored in a cold wallet.
  9. Bitcoin less than $900.00 away from its all time high.
  10. Love the majority of the media today and all the Chicken Little's that follow. MEDIA: COVID 19 UPDATE: 6 new deaths in BC. Many of the sheep who can't grasp it is over a 3 day period from long term care homes: OMG! The second wave is here. Also them: This all happened because people wont wear masks!!!
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