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  1. Quebec Liberal vacationing down south despite repeated warnings to stay home Remember, one rule for them, one rule for the rest of us. While some are apparently living in fear of a virus, the rest are living their lives.
  2. Bitcoin now over $34,000. Litecoin back over $170. Thinking I may finally cash out. Would be able to put a sizable down payment on a second home.
  3. AEW Star Jon Huber, Known as Brodie Lee, Dies at Age 41 Damn! Far too young. I was aware he was off with an injury or something but this is rather shocking. RIP
  4. Bitcoin hitting another all time high. I really wish I would have paid more attention a few years before 2014 when I first heard about Bitcoin. Oh well. I still have 10 of the original miners I started mining with. Hopefully they'll be worth something someday. Though I'm sure there are millions of them out there.
  5. Think of it as a USB stick. So yes, its a physical piece of equipment. Just Google cold wallet.
  6. I don't really have one. I've been holding for the past few years. I invested back in 2014. Was using Carvirtex. That's how I first bought my Bitcoins and Litecoins. I was also mining Bitcoin back then. They went under some years back if I remember correctly. Also used Quadriga before they ripped everyone off. Everything I currently have is stored in a cold wallet.
  7. Bitcoin less than $900.00 away from its all time high.
  8. Love the majority of the media today and all the Chicken Little's that follow. MEDIA: COVID 19 UPDATE: 6 new deaths in BC. Many of the sheep who can't grasp it is over a 3 day period from long term care homes: OMG! The second wave is here. Also them: This all happened because people wont wear masks!!!
  9. Strange. There's a lot more Trump supporters in Iran than I thought.