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  1. nuckin_futz


    You're not wrong but was this posted in the wrong thread or did I miss something?
  2. Perfect combo of Stewart's voice and Beck's guitar. Pretty good video too.
  3. Govt of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau survives parliamentary no confidence Wed 21 Oct 2020 20:35:31 GMT Will stay in power The government of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has survived parliamentary motion of no-confidence. Will stay in power. The conservative motion fails 180 to 146.
  4. There is no judge involved. I can tell you're no expert. But you keep pretending you are. The IRS are the experts. They claim he has committed fraud. When someone has a well documented history of grifting and fraud, I feel confident making that judgement. I call you a BS artist because you BS your way through almost every post. Notice I don't call anyone else a BS artist? Have a wonderful day. No BS.
  5. Do you regularly just BS your way through things you don't know about? This bravado act of yours is kind of annoying. I mean if it was at least entertaining it might be OK. But it's really just kind of boring. I can see why you're a fan of Trump. You both have a habit of bulldozing people with BS and hoping you don't get called on it. And when you do, you pile on more BS. The issue here is you substitute BS for reading comprehension. It's actually OK to admit you don't know things. Trump declared he had abandoned the AC casinos entirely when in fact he hadn't. He got 5% of the new company. The refund he claimed and got, he was not entitled to. He defrauded the IRS. Under tax law, refunds of more than $2 million for individuals require approval from Congress' Joint Committee on Taxation. They're not dealing with it until he's a private citizen. If Dems take the Senate on Nov 3rd they will control both the House and Senate ends of the Taxation committee and Trump will be a Private Citizen. Seeing how it was the IRS auditors who first spotted the fraud. I doubt they would ignore the recommendation of the Taxation Committee. Bottom line is Trump has a bigly tax problem. That's the issue, comprende?
  6. Yeah there's definitely people who don't know what they're talking about. Doesn't seem to stop them from talking though. In 2010 Trump received a $72.9 Million dollar refund. That's what the whole audit centers on. The IRS wants it back and Trump is inclined to keep it. In 2008 and 09 his businesses declared losses of $1.4 Billion. Which would make sense given what a crappy businessman he is and it being on the heels of the Great Recession. Trump claimed this loss entitled him to claw back what he paid in 05, 06, 07. Which was $72.9 Million. That doesn't include the $21.2 million he claimed and got back in state and local taxes. In 2009 Trump finally relinquished his ownership in his bankrupt Atlantic City casinos which had filed bankruptcy again. And declared a $700 million dollar loss from business operations. The law says when you're abandoning a business you can declare some of the losses for tax purposes. But you have to give up the business entirely (100%) and not receive anything of value in return. When the resort was restructured and went under new ownership. Trump made sure he got 5% of the new company's stock. Publicly declaring abandonment when he did not abandon it entirely would make his $72.9 million refund void. That's the IRS's case. They won't pursue it while he's President so it keeps getting delayed. They will collect when he's a private citizen. And he most likely doesn't have that much cash rolling around. It would be almost $100 million given the interest that has accumulated since 2010. I feel kinda silly telling you guys this. The way you talk I am sure you know all about this. But maybe the others will get something out of it.
  7. Yep we agree. Absolutely horrible response to Covid. Playing it down instead of leveling with the people you're sworn to protect was horrible. Calling the infectious disease experts "idiots" during the middle of a pandemic was horrible. Initially refusing test kits from the CDC and instead deciding to make their own (wasting valuable time) was horrible. Then the tests they made themselves not working further wasting more time was horrible. Then seeing Dr's and nurses treating highly infectious patients while wearing trash bags was horrible. Creating a 50 state free for all to acquire PPE that was horrible. And then having the Federal Government competing with the states for that same PPE, that was horrible. The President almost never wearing a mask and retweeting anti mask propaganda was horrible. Let's not forget getting the damn virus himself because he behaved so foolishly that was horrible (well kinda). Then endangering 2 Secret Service agents so he could go for a joyride around the block, that was horrible. Telling people it effects hardly anyone apart from the elderly (because we all know the elderly don't matter, amirite?) that was horrible. Launching 8 million people into poverty due to the piss poor response. That was horrible. Oh yeah, then hosting a super spreader event at the White House, that too was horrible. Although kinda apropos.
  8. Know who else is showing zero enthusiasm these days? These ****ing people.
  9. I admit it. I have Hunter Biden's computer. I got it from Rudy. You won't believe the stuff I am finding on this thing. Tick Tock