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  1. Well today marked my return to full time stock trading after a 5 year break to trade mainly foreign exchange and futures. Feel a little guilty reporting my biggest winner today was short BB. Don't buy garbage. It always ends the same.
  2. Word is Daddy Dotard was very angry with her for planning to attend. She's worried how it will effect her future political career. <-----------------
  3. Trump supporter dead in suspected suicide days after being arrested at Capitol riot A supporter of the US president who was arrested at the Capitol riot was said to have died by suicide. A medical examiner in Fulton County, Atlanta, ruled on Tuesday that the death of Christopher Stanton Georgia was by suicide, confirming earlier reports. The 53-year-old was also said to have suffered a “gunshot wound to the chest”, the medical examiner said. He was found by his wife in the basement of their home in Alpharetta, Georgia, on Saturday, according to reports. Georgia, who was said to have been a regional portfolio manager at a North Carolina bank, was arrested in Washington DC on Wednesday evening after taking part in the riot on the Capitol. According to the Washington Examiner, he was charged with attempting to break into the US Capitol alongside supporters of the US president. They had earlier been instructed by the president to march on the country’s legislature with “strength”. Georgia, who pleaded not guilty in court on Thursday, was also charged with violating an evening curfew in Washington DC that was imposed after the riot. He was said to have stayed behind, and did not disperse at a police request. Officers were called to his home in Alpharetta on Saturday morning, having received a phone call from his wife. According to a police report seen by the Daily Mail, she told officers there was "blood everywhere" and that “My husband is dead". Police were also reported to have removed two rifles from the property. The 53 year-old’s death follows that of five others who died following Wednesday’s riot. They included a Capitol Police officer and supporters of Donald Trump, some of whom were said to have suffered medical emergencies, while one other was shot. The FBI said on Tuesday that more than 70 people had been arrested in relation to Wednesday’s riot, with federal prosecutors expecting “hundreds” of others.
  4. Rep. Mikie Sherrill Says Lawmakers Led 'Reconnaissance' Tours at Capitol, Demands Investigation New Jersey Rep. Mikie Sherrill is calling for an investigation into members of Congress she saw on January 5 leading groups of people through the Capitol in what she has described in a Facebook Live video as "a reconnaissance for the next day," when a pro-Trump mob violently stormed the Capitol in an insurrection that left five people dead. In a letter sent Wednesday to the Acting House Sergeant at Arms, Acting Senate Sergeant at Arms, and United States Capitol Police, and signed by Sherrill and 33 other House Democrats, "an immediate investigation" is sought into the "extremely high number of outside groups" to the Capitol Complex on January 5. The activity was so unusual because, among other reasons, "access to the Capitol Complex has been restricted since public tours ended in March of last year due to the pandemic." The letter said these "unusually large groups ... could only have gained access to the Capitol Complex from a Member of Congress or a member of their staff" and "were so concerning that they were reported to the Sergeant at Arms on January 5." In addition, the letter said the visitors "appeared to be associated with the rally at the White House the following day." It added: "Members of the group that attacked the Capitol seemed to have an unusually detailed knowledge of the layout of the Capitol Complex. "The presence of these groups within the Capitol Complex was indeed suspicious. Given the events of January 6, the ties between these groups inside the Capitol Complex and the attacks on the Capitol need to be investigated." ******************* Sounds like there's going to be much more to this.
  5. Olympian Klete Keller charged with 3 crimes in U.S. District Court for involvement in Capitol riots Klete Keller, a champion swimmer and two-time Olympic gold medalist, has been charged with several crimes in connection to his alleged involvement in the riots at the U.S. Capitol last week. According to the criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., Keller has been charged with: Obstructing law enforcement engaged in official duties incident to civil disorder Knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority Violent entry and disorderly conduct on capitol grounds The FBI used Keller’s height, his Colorado driver’s license photograph, and his clearly visible Team USA jacket to positively identify him. ******************* What happened last week will never be confused for a Mensa convention.
  6. Congrats to all the traitors who ransacked the capital. You managed to get your boy impeached again in just 7 days.
  7. MyPillow's CEO is standing by Trump after the deadly Capitol riots, and offering customers a discount with the code 'FightForTrump' Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, is continuing to stand by President Donald Trump following the US Capitol riots on January 6, even as other businesses cut ties. MyPillow was offering the discount code "FightForTrump" on Tuesday, allowing customers to get cheaper deals on pillows, the New York Times reported. Twitter flagged two of Lindell's tweets on Sunday and Monday, which claimed the election was stolen, "due to a risk of violence." Since the siege, Lindell has appeared on Newsmax to claim the pro-Trump rioters were "very peaceful" and to blame "undercover antifa that dressed up as Trump people" for causing damage. Pretty sure his Tinder match is Marjorie.
  8. Panic buttons were inexplicably torn out ahead of Capitol riots, says Ayanna Pressley chief of staff Panic buttons installed in Ayanna Pressley’s congressional office were torn out before rioters stormed the Capitol last week, her staff have said. Sarah Groh, who serves as Ms Pressley’s chief of staff, was with the congresswoman when president Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the US Capitol building last Wednesday. She told the Boston Globe that she had reached for the panic buttons installed in Ms Pressley’s office as they tried to barricade themselves in. But, when they went to press panic buttons, Ms Pressley’s staff saw that they weren’t there, and appeared to have been ripped out. “Every panic button in my office had been torn out - the whole unit,” Ms Groh told the paper. She added that she could not believe why the panic buttons were removed, and that Ms Pressley’s staff had used the panic buttons in the past, including during drills. Nor had Ms Pressley and her staff moved offices, said Ms Groh.
  9. Sen Maj Leader McConnell: Won't let Senate meet for impeachment pre January 19 Wed 13 Jan 2021 18:01:53 GMT Sen. Mitch McConnell The current Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is out saying through a spokesman: Will not consent to reconvening Senate immediately to consider impeachment Senate won't reconvene to consider Trump impeachment - report Wed 13 Jan 2021 18:02:17 GMT Looks like impeachment won't go anywhere The Washington Post reports that McConnell's office called Schumer's people today and told them McConnell would not consent to reconvening immediately under the 2004 emergency authorities, a person familiar says. That means the Senate won't reconvene Friday, or almost certainly before Jan 19. **************** He turtled. Surprise surprise.