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Removable visors

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With all the talk of helmets and fighting being brought up again, i'm surprised by the lack of talk about a removable visor.

Visor battles are lame, and now with the helmet removing penalty, we end up with five minute "pre-fights" when a player with a visor challenges one without ( or vice versa ). It's like middle schoolers flirting on the phone "you hang up, no you first, no you hahahaha"..

It doesn't seem like a difficult task to make a visor that releases somehow via clips or whatever. Then players can just snap em off, and go, while keeping their helmets on and heads protected.

The more I think about, the more I question why this hasn't been done already. Especially with them grandfathering windshields in.

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I don't know how many of you have played organized competitive hockey, but if someone is really really ticked off at you and not just staging a fight in an attempt to get their team going, the 3 or so seconds it would take for your hands to unclip both sides of any type of visor and then grab the other guy's sweater is about about 2 seconds too long. The guy who doesn't have the visor will already be tee'ing up his punch.

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