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Downloading/installing games and data caps

Miss Korea Bob.Loblaw

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It's been an issue already talked over, but this is unfortunate. With the Steam sales and Humble Bundles, I have a lot of games which I've yet to install and play. Part of it's because I'm busy right now, but I can't comfortably download a 20gb game onto my desktop when my whole family is using the internet to watch videos and stuff.

Is there a way around this? Can I download the installation file from Steam using my laptop abroad (using free wi-fi) and then move the 20gb file onto the desktop? I guess it'd be like torrent files, which would be really cool.

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if you have Windows 7 on both laptop and desktop you can use easy transfer to just transfer the data after you download it on your laptop just look for the folder in your steam folder and transfer it to your desktop and when you click the game it will be playable probably have to go through a first time setup but other than that you won't have to use up your bandwidth

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