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New Fantasy Keeper League


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Hey guys, Anyone want to start a new money fantasy keeper league?

I love fantasy hockey and wouldn't mind starting/being in another league. I am in 4 fantasy pools this year, 3 of which I commission.

I know there's a trust factor and such with doing a money league, but it was also the same for my reddit league that I started this year and it seems everyone is on board.

Anywho, if you are interested let me know and if we can get 10-12 guys together we could potentially start a new league.

The league can be Points or H2H points, whichever people prefer, i've found most people like H2H better, but to each their own.

This is how the league would shake down (literally copied and pasted it from my other league)

Also note the reddit league voted to have deep teams - 4C, 4RW, 4LW, 6 D, 2 G, 2 UTi, 4 Bench.

If people prefer not as deep teams, that could also be done.

Hey Guys,

4 C
4 LW
4 RW
6 D
2 G
2 Utility
4 Bench


Goal - 2.5
Assist - 1.5
Hit - 0.1
PIM - 0.1/per minute ( 2 min minor is 0.2/ 5 min major for fighting is 0.5 etc)
Blocked shots - 0.15

Win - 2.25
Shutout - 1.25
Save - 0.1
Goal against - (-0.6)

Cost $50, buys you in for 2 season - this is to prevent people winning and leaving as well as people getting spanked and leaving. The purpose of the keeper is to build on your success or failures of the previous season.

At seasons end you will have your choice of 4 keepers

First season will be a random draw for draft positions, after that each season will see the last place team draft first, second last place draft second, all the way to first place drafting last.

In the interest of no collusion and such. I think implementing a max amount of draft pick for player trades per each team.
That is not to say you can't trade all your draft picks but you can only trade at most 2 draft picks to any one player until the next season commences.
Really, I don't see it being a problem with us but it's better to be safe than sorry in this situation.
I will put in a veto rule however that if you want to trade 3 picks to a single person, then you can present your case as to why you want to trade 3 picks for one player (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd rounder for stamkos + a player or something). I will then leave it up to the whole league to vote if they will allow the trade. This process may happen only once per team per season and will not go beyond 3 picks.

If you are caught cheating or colluding with someone, first offense will be whichever players involved go straight to free agency (and stuck there til the end of the season, no one will be able to pick them up until draft time again) and both offending owners lose their first round picks. 2nd offense is getting kicked out of the league with no refund, please let it be known that everyone has been warned.

I will commission the league as I do any others regarding trades:
Trades will have a 3 DAY waiting period, HOWEVER unless I have some other managers complaining about a trade, I will use the commissioners powers to push it through the next day (24 hours – i.e. a trade is accepted at 2 in the afternoon, it will be pushed through at 2 pm the next day). Think of the 3 days as something of a buffer incase a certain trade needs to be talked about within the group.
If a trade is deemed ridiculous or collusion-esque, I will ask both managers to quickly tell us why they feel the trade is fair and why they want it to happen. Everyone will get to see their answers and everyone will then vote accordingly. I’ve never used the veto power as commissioner but if I feel really strongly one way or another I reserve the right to hold final say, but like I said, I’ve never done this and have always respected the groups decision.
Please note as well, if people have a legitimate reason as to why they want the trade then try to respect it…even if they are getting ripped off a little. We are only really looking for collusion or something absurd. If someone wants to trade Stamkos for Pekka Rinne and Kevin Bieksa because they are in dire need of a goalie and a dman then so be it, AS LONG AS THEY HAVE A LEGITAMITE REASON!.

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That top half looks the same as gmen81 posted in the EHL thread....

Err, I dunno who gmen81 is, if it looks similar then it's prob nothing more than coincidence. That top half is pretty much what I said in my reddit thread when I was proposing a reddit keeper league though.


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