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[Proposal] Van/Det/ Van/Min

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To Det Burrows

To Van Miller & Zach Nastasiuk

To Min Hansen & Cassels

To Van Rights to Niederreiter & 3rd or 4th rd 2015

Alfredsson has not signed with Det Burrows could fill that void

Sign Niederreiter 2yr 5.5 million

leaves us with 4.9 million in cap space












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The Wild will want to keep the cost controlled Niederreiter who looks like he can still become a top 6 forward for them. I doubt Hansen is a good enough incentive to move him.

The Burrows trade I would signed off a few months ago but seeing what the salaries that 3rd liners are making I am a little uncertain now. I think Burrows had some horrible luck last year even if he doesn't return to his old production, I think he can become a solid 3rd line player. As of now though I doubt you are able to trade him without taking back some salary. So I would hold onto him, wait for the cap to go up to 75mil next year, hope he bounces back a little and try to move him next year.

Overall not a horrible proposal, I just don't see either team accepting.

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If Jensen can develop some bite to his game, I think he has a good shot at developing into what Neiderreiter has become.

I'd do the Burrows deal in a heartbeat (if Burrows would waive his NTC). Drew Miller at $1.35M and able to provide PK minutes, speed, 3rd/4th line contribution (up to 10G and 10A) plus a young kid in Nastasiuk who looks like he could be a replacement for a Jannik Hansen in a couple of years for a 33 year old on a decline is well worth it. Miller at 30 isn't young, but is younger than Burrows, which is another bonus.

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