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  1. The ghost of Pavel Bure is alive and well. EDIT: I see that this Hoglander "incident" is at least a few days old...and I see that HockeyHarry already made reference to Pavel Bure, and went as far as posting the epic Bure elbow on Churla. I need to up my game here on CDC.
  2. Didn't know that Greener had such affinity for another man's stick's stiffness. Just kidding...we all know what he meant.
  3. Especially a Harvard Business degree. A Harvard business degree and a Harvard MBA = 40 years of annualized income of $650,000 as a hedge fund manager or middle management for five years to 10 years and 30 years as a senior exec for a Fortune 500 company equates to $26 million lifetime earnings, plus stock options. That's a nice fall back position to find yourself if a pro hockey career (probably three years at AHL $160,000, and 10 years NHL AAV of $30 million, plus 27 years post hockey income of $650,000 equivalent) doesn't work out. There's something to be said for getting a college degree from an Ivy League or a "new" Ivy League school (friend of mine went to Rennselaer Polytech Institute in Boston on a full hockey scholarship (even though it's not an Ivy League school and even though he didn't play a second of pro hockey, there's a picture of him wearing an RPI jersey in a game situation in the HHOF) and he has probably has established himself with a net worth of $50 schmill or so on the strength of his college degree). Like Mr. T says, pity the fool who ditches school. EDIT - gonna bet that Patrick McNally doesn't give a rat's ass that his pro hockey career didn't work out. In spite of his one year academic suspension, with his Harvard degree, I'm going to bet that there's a bunch of opportunities coming his way. EDIT 2 - ixnay Edit 1. Looks like McNally is still living out a pro hockey dream with signing on with Division 2 teams in Europe.
  4. Gonna say it...IMHO, making the WJC U20 team is not a good predictor of a player's success in the NHL. Especially goalies. Other than MA Fleury, Luongo, Price, Theodore, Vernon, and Burke (and quite possibly Jake Allen), the AHL/ECHL/KHL/Swiss is littered with a bunch of goalies that represented the Canadian team as 18/19 year olds. There's a bunch who made it as of middling tenders in the NHL, so I guess there's that. I'm going to bet that DiPietro is going to have as good a shot at making the NHL than the two guys tending the nets for Team Canada now.
  5. Are the questions you're asking rhetorical or do you want a response to them?
  6. Appreciate your post. But before someone (not referring to you Alex) accuses me of bashing Benning and derailing the Brisebois thread, I shall preface my response by saying I'm a fan of JB (and think he's good for the Canucks) and that I like the Brisebois pick. Brisebois seems to possess the tangible and intangible attributes of a quality player and person. I agree that picking players at the draft is a consensus decision, with the GM ultimately making the call. However, Benning appeared to be highly regarded while he was with the Bruins for his talent evaluation, so I will go as far as to say that Benning may have been the most influential person on Chiarelli when it came to making picks for the Bruins. Unfortunately, the Bruins haven't had many picks turn into NHL players (yet) during Benning's time there. So, what I'm saying is that based on the limited success the Bruins had while JB was a significant and influential person when it came scouting and drafting, it is within the realm of possibility that some, if not a disproportionately higher amount of responsibility falls on Benning, and of course Chiarelli. There's no denying the Sabres had great success turning draft picks into NHL players while Benning was a member of their scouting staff, and your research more than verifies that. I can't help but think that a big part of his reputation as a shrewd scout comes from the 10+ years he spent with the Sabres and less so with what he contributed in Boston. I'll close by saying that I like the picks that Benning has made at the past two entry drafts (and that's without the benefit of working with the scouting staff at length before heading into the 2014 entry draft -- so I would assume that the 2014 entry draft was driven almost entirely by Benning's own intel). The man is without doubt a tireless worker, so I'm glad that we have him as the GM of this club.
  7. Yeah, 'coz that's exactly what's being said. A little bit of reading comprehension will do you wonders in life. And yes. Let's keep this a Brisebois thread, there champ.
  8. You will get no quarrel from're right in that Chiarelli had the final say, but it seemed to me that given the amount of time Benning was shown as part of the Neely-Chiarelli-Benning triad during the 2011 SCF, you gotta think that Benning had a lot of influence (and I am going to bet that Chiarelli deferred to Benning in areas that Benning had more knowledge and expertise than he, given that that's how most executive/management relations work in most enterprises). I'm sure Chiarelli and Neely set the vision and definition of players they wanted and it was Benning and his staff that went out and looked for players based on these parameters. I agree that JB has a reputation as a tireless worker and elite evaluator of talent...I think we're all counting on these attributes to be the case so that we can have a contending team sooner than later. I like how the last two drafts have gone and am hopeful that the players that have been picked form the foundation of a top tier team that can sustain their place atop of the league for many years to come. But like I posted earlier, the drafting record of the Bruins (I'll stop saying Benning) hasn't been that stellar from 2006 to 2014 (2006 and 2014 don't count since Benning was not part of the Bruins staff at the entry draft).
  9. Too much partying. That apparently was the knock on him. Anecdotal evidence that he was living large in the off-season in the lower mainland when he should have been training. I think he's somewhere in Europe now where he as a small, perimeter player with average skating skills is being fully exploited.
  10. The only thing that I'm remotely right about is tempering expectations with a little dose of reality...other than that, I'm most likely talking out of my @$$, because honestly, I'm not a hockey insider so all I can base my comments on are historical stats. We all have high hopes that Benning is going to recreate some of the drafting magic he showed when he was with Buffalo (where he built his reputation), but as you say we gotta give the man a chance to show what he can do. Benning's the guy who scouted Zach know, the rock star from Coquitlam who probably needs re-constructive surgery for his nose septum and that amounted to being a big zero in the NHL.
  11. What mangosteens said^^^. Except there is no "i" after "ll" in Guillaume Brisebois' name. Benning should just make it easy on himself and call Guillaume Brisebois Billy or Willy (you know, the anglo equivalent).
  12. There's no doubt that Benning is a hard working, humble guy with strong roots in scouting. But IMO, his ability as a "talent" evaluator is over-rated. We all agree that Benning was the de-facto head of scouting while wearing the AGM hat during his tenure with the Bruins. Do you know how many of those players drafted while Benning was with the Bruins have played over 50 NHL games? Six. Count 'em...six. That's six in the 6 years that he was fully engaged with the Bruins. One was a no brainer (Tyler vs. Taylor). The others are Dougie Hamilton (178 games), Jordan Caron (159 games), Joe Colborne (160 games), Ryan Spooner (60 games) and Craig Cunningham (59 games). It can be argued that there is a decent stable of young players playing in Providence (Camara, Ferlin, Khoklachev, Subban to name a few), but until they play in the NHL, all they are are promising prospects. You know what else five of the guys that were drafted under Benning's watch have in common? They all ply their trade in a city other than Boston. Though I'm optimistic about what Benning brings to the table as far as talent analysis and accumulation, let's be a little realistic about the man and the circumstances that dictate whether he is as good as you make him out to be.
  13. In the videos posted, he looks like a 17 year old version of a left-handed Chris Tanev...seems to me the Canucks got a good one.