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  1. J.P. Barry was on Donny and Dali and was talking about a short term deal for Pettersson (my guess: same as your call at 3 yrs/$7M cap hit, just like their (Barry/Brisson) client Matthew Barzal), and a longer term deal for Hughes (my guess: 5 yrs at $6.0M cap hit - comparable to another one of Barry/Brisson's client Cam Fowler whose second contract coming off of his ELC was 5 x $4.0M signed in 2013).
  2. You must be new to the workings of the NHL and the type of contracts that player agents try to secure for their elite level players/clients.
  3. Musings of a Philly scribe = Flyers thinking of offer-sheeting Petey? The author of the article has zero grasp on the Canucks' cap situation and the moves that can be made to ensure Pettersson is signed by the Canucks to a bridge deal or have offer-sheet matched if it came to that. Wonder if this is the same guy that Bryzgalov was calling out for his lack of professionalism?
  4. This guy^^^^^proposals going from bad to worse. Somebody take away this guy's laptop, smartphone, ipad, etc., please. In what bizarro world would cornerstone players sign for 1 year x $1.0M AAV? JP Barry and Pat Brisson would be laughing their @$$es off if they read this ridiculous "proposal". No, it couldn't work, not even in the bizarro planet that Patel Bure lives in.
  5. Dragon Slayer raising his own brood of Dragon Slayers in Montreal...Bo's good buddy Josh Anderson getting the job done for the Habs. Can't help but cheer for the Underdogs.
  6. Nice move, SS, reviving this classic thread. Dragon Slayer raising Dragon Slayers in Montreal...love that Josh Anderson, Bo's buddy, scored two big ones tonight.
  7. Agreed. That's why a player like Virtanen who oozes talent will end up on the junk heap sooner than later. Whereas, in your case, the sky's the limit.
  8. I was thinking about this as an option for a big third pairing d-man. Bogosian or Gudbranson or Schenn on a one year $1.0M per season contract. I would love me a little Erik Gudbranson as a 6/7 d-man on a 1x1.0M AAV who would make sure no one took liberties on any of the talented Canucks.
  9. I'm going to go out on a limb and say OP is this guy...so angry with Quinn Hughes being <6'3" and 220 lbs.
  10. Gonna have to disagree... Talent: 30% Intangibles: will to win, uber competitive, willing to pay the price, unselfish, coachable, good teammate, mental toughness, ability to perform when stress/tension is heightened, etc. 50% Coaching: 20% If you're in the NHL and AHL, you possess talent. Some more than others, but there is enough talent to have got you there. The rest is heart, brains, brawn and coaching.
  11. “You can’t have all Ferraris. Sometimes you need a good old-fashioned four-wheel-drive Jeep to get you through the mud,” coach Jon Cooper said. “That’s what Barclay Goodrow can do for you.”
  12. Goats on the roof at the Old Country Market--one of the coolest things for your little kids or grand kids to see while enjoying an ice cream cone from the Coombs Ice Cream Parlour. One of my family's favorite pit stops on Vancouver Island. Hope everyone is okay at the Whiskey River Co-op.
  13. I hope the Canucks can get something done with Hamonic. If I'm JB, I would be open to the idea of 3 years at $3.0M AAV. Other Canucks UFAs: Pettersson: 3 years at $7.0M AAV ($5.0M, $6.0M, $8.0M so his q-offer on July 2025 is $8.0M) Hughes: 3 years at $7.0M AAV (structured the same way as Pettersson) Hamonic: 3 years at $3.0M AAV ($5.0M, $3.0M, $1.0M) Edler: 1 year at $1.0M AAV, with bonuses to take him to $3.0M (games played, TOI, points) Sutter: 2 years at $2.0M AAV Buy Outs: Virtanen: $50K cap hit in 2021-22 and $500K in 2
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