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  1. I've never said this about anyone who is a cancer survivor...first time for everything -- I hope Stan Bowman's cancer comes back and gets him.
  2. Starting to develop some man-love for Garland. 5'7" of all heart. Kid is everything as he was advertised. Props to Demko, Horvat, OEL and Hughes. Gotta agree with those questioning Pettersson. He was a liability for the Canucks tonight. Been a tough start to the season for him, but I'm sure he'll get his sh!t together soon enough. Was a sloppy game served up by the rest of the Canucks...to be expected on the sixth game of a six game road trip. Team has shown a little resilience coming home 3-2-1. Better days ahead.
  3. Wow. That's really deep (and pretty insightful). But, I just came on here to talk about the Johnny Canucks. Something light for a Friday afternoon.
  4. I'm old enough to remember as a kid, Don Lever as a 3rd overall pick and a rising star that super novaed out real quickly (it was all down hill for him after his third season as an NHLer). I'm 55 going on 56. Retired. Living a quiet and happy life in our simple abode in White Rock with a bunch of other retirees and 30/40-something stock market/real estate millionaires in the 'hood.
  5. You mean the guy that was super-manned punched by Bieksa and dropped like a dead seal?
  6. All that is true, but it didn't stop Hodgson and his camp from making demands that was characterized by Gillis as someone "who he had to spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with (paraphrasing)". Maybe Hodgson is one of the players that was forced pills by Vigneault when he had his misdiagnosed back injury (disclaimer: speculative chatter on my part).
  7. Yes...that is what I was implying/trying to get across. Thanks for clarifying, @Ghostsof1915. And as far as Hodgson was concerned, I think everything he got from the Canucks organization was well-deserved.
  8. Gotta good laugh at CBC reporting this as "Tax Avoidance" when clearly it is "Tax Evasion" (i.e., a crime punishable by law). Way to protect the hand that feeds you there, CBC. "Communist Broadcast Company".
  9. Daniel Carcillo has. But at every turn, he's been dismissed. NHL owners/management?PA leadership has been mistreating its players since the beginning of time (re: Ted Lindsay vs. Norris family; re: Alan Eagleson, the fraudulent crook who stole from his members). Now, complete denial by Bettmann and the NHL establishment of issues such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy and other long term health issues. Guys like Joe Murphy don't end up on the streets as a homeless man, premature deaths of Rypper/Belak/Montador/Boogaard/Probert/el. al. don't occur without head trauma that go untreated. As much as I didn't/don't like Carcillo, Kesler and Lehner as players, what they say NEED to be taken seriously and acted upon by the powers to be. I'm a true capitalist at heart and often side with the owners on CBA matters, but I am 1,000% behind what Lehner says and I hope he blows the lid off all the NHL cover ups. Remember how vilified Mike Gillis was when he shut down Manny Malhotra because he was nearly steamrolled upon his return from his eye injury (I was at the game vs. the Flames where I literally saw Flames players back off from Malhotra because of his injury)? Love him or hate him, the NHL needs more GMs who care about players as much as Gillis (apologies to those who think this is a Gillis thread).
  10. Starting to feel sort of bad for this NEWBIE^^^^ that everyone is ignoring.
  11. Be that may, Deniskin chose to display his racist behavior on a global platform, so that is where he's going to be judged and found to be lacking on human decency. Off with his head.
  12. Doubt Smereck would stoop to Deniskin's level. Millions of people now know what a racist POS Deniskin is...his non-apology clearly shows what a low life he is. I've learned in my lifetime that best way to deal with these racist scumbags is to let the court of public opinion have their way with them.
  13. Probably been said already, but in case it hasn't... Regardless of whether Klimovich is ready for the AHL or not, my guess is that he's off to Junior A, where he can acclimatize to the North American ice surface and dominate, amping up his confidence level (which doesn't seem to be lacking), all the while having Chris Higgins spend 30%-40% of his time keeping a watchful eye on Klimovich. Klimovich gets paid his signing bonus of $92,500 signing bonus for the 2021-22 season and Canucks get to place him on sliding scale, extending his ELC to 2024-25. In my estimation, Klimovich has one season of junior and one season of AHL hockey before he's NHL-ready. So, in his second year of ELC being in effect, he will be wearing a Canucks jersey. Klimovich will make $92,500 in the 2021-22 season, $172,500 in the 22-23 season and $800,000 in the 23-24 season (the second year of ELC being in effect) and $925,000 in 24-25. Canucks will then have sign to Klimovich to his ELC+1 contract during the summer of 2025. If I was the guy running hockey ops, this is what I would do.
  14. Jake Viratnen is NOT such a tragic story. In fact he's not even a story or a footnote as far as I'm concerned. Afghanistan, residential schools, missing women...those are tragic stories. Jake the Flake is nothing more than a waste of God-given talent. That's it, that's all. If you want to make that a tragedy, then I'll happily call you out on being overly dramatic.
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