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  1. Outrageous! Political Correctness ran amok! Wonder if Tim Pool or Steve Crowder have made videos denouncing the soy-boys who made the decision to restrict our speech, interfere with our traditions as they literally destroy our history. The word 'midget' was never meant to be derogatory at all, this is like a page out of 1984.
  2. So it seems that the GOP and the Trump campaign have settled on their casting choice, they have chosen this guy... to play the role of... I think even Trump fans should admit that its a much harder sell than this...
  3. How about a 100 post limit on this thread? Not sure how easy or difficult that would be to implement but it would be funny. Make clam work for it a little before he is allowed to kiss Trump's rump.
  4. Toews

    NFL thread

    Chiefs sign Bell. Rich get richer. Ravens need to do something bold, I would sign AB. Lamar needs a legit threat.
  5. Yeah, the last time I saw the buyout numbers, I wasn't impressed. I believe it will get easier to find someone to take him when there is only 1 year left on the contract. After the bonus gets paid, the amount owed should be small enough that a team might take a flyer.
  6. I believe someone stated that he would actually make more money in the AHL by not having to pay escrow. Who knows when an AHL season even starts, I believe it's a venture that relies heavily upon gate receipts which are going to be nil with no fans in the stands. So Loui's proposed punishment could be sitting at home, making more money than he would by playing all while still being a blight on our cap. I don't think that are going be any easy solutions to this, Benning will just have to find someone to take him if not this year then the next.
  7. Two ideological extremes, sort of reminds me of politics, people just pick a corner and never look back. Then they insult and berate people who they don't see as part of their 'clan'. I too no longer see the point in responding to ideologues, its a waste of time. If someone can't be convinced that the Linden Vey trade was a dud or refuses to accept that the Miller trade was a good one, then they likely will make excuses (and refer to it as "context") in every scenario you place in front of them. Tribalism in human beings is such a weakness when it overrides rational thought, it just lessens the possibility of civil discourse especially on the internet where its very easy to call anyone an 'idiot' or a 'troll'. Quite frankly, its just plain sad.
  8. Linden got on board with the plan because that's how he was going to get the job. He knew that the previous guy got turfed for proposing a rebuild. He also wasn't a credible hire for President of Hockey Operations. He had limited experience as a hockey executive, he had spent some time as a union rep but other than that his resume was owning and managing gyms. If he turns down this opportunity, its likely he never gets a shot like this again. Elsewhere he might have to climb the ladder, starting off as assistant or in scouting and working his way up hockey ops. Look at how long it took for Benning to get this opportunity. Neither man was motivated to challenge the direction set forth by the man that signs the cheques. They were willing to make the best of an imperfect situation. Linden kept changing his tune when questioned on the organization's plan, initially it was establishing a 'winning culture', then it turned into 'competitive environment', then it was 'unfair to the Sedins'. That last incredulous remark I felt went too far. As if a near billion dollar franchise is going to hold off key decisions based on two past their prime superstars. As if Linden was going to hinge his track record in management on being 'fair'. Anyone could see that this team badly needed a rebuild. Tortorella spoke plainly, he knew we were screwed when he decided to mail it in, taking long naps in his office. In a ways we are paying the price for not accepting our fate sooner.
  9. It really depends on what you classify as 'work'. Lil Kim is a hardworker as well so much so that he likes to personally supervise the executions that he orders, seeing your aunt die from aircraft artillery must work up an appetite.
  10. I put the decision to continue with the old core more on Aquilini than on Linden and Benning due to events preceding their hiring. Gillis went to Aquilini with a plan to rebuild, Kesler who wanted out at the time, was supposed to have been dealt to Anaheim at the deadline for a package of futures. Per Botchford, Aquilini nixed that agreement and fired GIllis, he then hired Linden with a mandate to retool the team around the Sedins. Kesler instead of going for futures brought in a couple of replacement players in Bonino and Sbisa, who were supposed to fill the positions that Garrison and Kesler were vacating. We wasted a lot of assets while pursuing this failed plan. Linden per Willes, did not believe this team was ready to compete for a Cup in the short term. It is my belief he was against the Myers signing and the trade for Miller. His dissent put him on the sidelines and led to his resignation.
  11. Earlier in the year I was going to make a thread title it 'crossroads' and ask people if they would rather prefer signing Markstrom, Toffoli and Tanev or Virtanen, Demko and Stecher. I thought at the time (and still do today) the latter gave us a better shot to win long term. Despite how encouraging the team's performance was, we also saw the current team max out, Petey and Hughes are going to get better but that isn't going to make the veteran depth pieces around them any younger. Signing more aging players to long term contracts was simply not feasible considering our cap predicament. If Benning thought this team was ready to compete he would be singing a different tune about moving futures in order to move out cap but he specifically ruled that out which means I think he expects that the flat cap will result in a transitional period for the Canucks. For me this drop-off was expected when Petey and Hughes signed their big deals, but the combination of poor cap management (for which Benning does deserve blame despite the protests of his biggest fans), an unforseen pandemic (flat cap) and the Luongo recapture all played a part in accelerating that time line. Signings that we made in free agency were useful role players but they came at a cost that was far too high. Tampa paid 1st round picks this year for Barlcay Goodrow and Blake Coleman, useful depth pieces on reasonable contracts. I believe there is considerable work to be done to this roster if we want it to see progress into a powerhouse like the Lightning. I see them currently as light years ahead of us. This is where we see how good of a GM Benning really is, with Petey and Hughes we will never fall low enough in the draft to select blue-chip prospects, so Benning will likely be picking in the teens. Drafting moving forward will be key to improving this team. Of course we will also have to hope that the riskier bets we are making pan out, looking and Virtanen and Demko in particular. We should get a big boost if Podkolzin, Hoglander, Juolevi and Rathbone pan up to expectations. Maybe we can nab a free agent next year when money comes off the books. It might be I am getting ahead of myself and Benning decides to find an adequate replacement for Tanev. I hope that I can say that I was wrong and Benning has an ace up his sleeve.
  12. I don't follow JD Burke's musings on Twitter either, these are all just random people to me. I wouldn't mind borrowing material from them when they make a good argument or post a GIF. Heck I have no problem giving you a +1 when you I agree with you either, doesn't mean I like you or endorse your entire existence. It doesn't sound like you aren't on Twitter, you seem way too plugged into who these people are and the history of their 'takes'. I on the other hand just don't give a hoot. I have not initiated any conversation into Gudbranson's looks. To put it into hockey context I was likening your obsession with Gudbranson to the love affair AV had with Tanner Glass. Although I can't quite blame @kanucks25 for drawing that conclusion. Whenever a Gudbranson topic comes up I can be sure to find some passive aggressive posts from you, reminds me of pre-teen fangirls of Justin Bieber defending him on the Internet. You do seem to be rather defensive, seems this 'phobic little edge' you mentioned is just another projection. I on the other hand have absolutely zero problem if your crush on Gudbranson is more than just a man crush. I don't really have anything personally against you. You seem like you are an intelligent person but you lack the fortitude to admit when you are wrong. Taking that into account, I would say your constant 'smarmy' insult is again just another projection. I don't claim to be all-knowing, I am a casual fan, by no means is my opinion the be all and end all like you seem to pretend yours is. Sadly you are just another armchair scout like the rest of us, you aren't even at Yost's level and yet you are always here being 'smarmy' and talking down to others. It just reeks of insecurity. Didn't bother reading the rest of your novella length post, no doubt it contained more agonizing and passive-aggressive insults which I just don't want to deal with. Good luck to you, maybe you can use a thesaurus to look up some synonyms, so you don't have to go back to the same 'smarmy' reference, it feels kind of played out. You need some new material, something that isn't 'cookie-cutter', little-big-man.
  13. No idea who Ken is but he seems like he has a weak stomach. Why would you base your vote on what strangers said to you online? Were your feelings that badly hurt? Also the "I voted for Hillary" can only be described as virtue-signaling. Of course I am just going off what he has posted. Sounds like Ken just needs to get off of Twitter.
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