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  1. I don't know, something smells fishy here. *Puts tinfoil hat on* Yes... yes I am seeing it now... Putin creates the virus in a lab in Siberia, releases it in Wuhan, China. Knowing that his own appointed useful idiot would bungle the handling of the virus and China would take the lion's share of the blame and suffer the ire of the rest of the world. Now Putin magically has a vaccine and we are still in August, the rest of the world still well behind. Putin will now use the vaccine as leverage to exploit the world completing the master stroke.
  2. It is my opinion that fixating on the cause of death doesn't exactly give you the entire context. Perhaps this topic hits me too close to home for me, I will just say it is my firm belief that cancer should never be a footnote.
  3. If a 20 something year old with AIDS gets the coronavirus and dies, do you simply ignore one virus and fixate on the other? If so you are being myopic for whatever reason, perhaps the same one as the poster I quoted.
  4. I meant he is a stage IV cancer survivor and considering his advanced age, that to me definitely puts him in the high risk category. If your immune system is seriously compromised, that is still playing a part in your death even though COVID ends up being the final blow.
  5. He had late stage cancer so I am surmising that did a number on his body. Personally I see it as important that we acknowledge some underlying conditions when someone dies of COVID, it helps us understand who are the most vulnerable in society. I believe the poster's response was politically motivated, regardless I think it was partially correct.
  6. Maybe, but it was terminal stupidity that accelerated his demise. Regardless condolences to his loved ones.
  7. I read a compelling article the other day saying that there likely won't be a noticeable second wave, it will be just one big wave, which we can hopefully keep flattened. I also read some sources that say the seasonal flu numbers are going to be way down as well because of mask use and social distancing, and other measures like sanitizing and hand washing should also bring down numbers. We shall see.
  8. Great book, amazing read as always. Chapter 5 is a real tear-jerker, all the kids get guns to exercise their 2A rights and protect them from potential grizzlies. Inspired writing.
  9. The produce aisle in the store I go to is a nightmare, I need my fruits otherwise I would never step in there. They need to define the rules more clearly because the elderly man is not really an exception even though I have never seen someone take it to that extent. They probably need someone there full time just to make sure that people aren't crowding the area which happens way too often. There are quite a few people I notice many of them clearly at most risk trying to find the best item from a pile. Seems quite foolhardy to say the least.
  10. Went to the grocery store, headed over to grab some lettuce and I see a middle-aged woman standing behind an elderly man (looked like he was 70+) and he seemed rather insistent on turning over every single pack on the shelf. This was going on for like 3min, the woman was looking like she was ready to blow. She is trying to catch my eye. I am trying to avoid her eye because I just want to get out without any drama. Eventually she throws up her arms in air, and tells the man that people are waiting behind him, his response "I'll just be another minute". Pissed off she just goes and stands right
  11. I would say the people who can't follow simple instruction are more of a problem. In your scenario are we living in some sort of alternate reality where gravity doesn't exist below 3 feet? In that case we would all be floating 3 feet above the ground. If not then this is entirely nonsensical, and in this scenario I would not be crawling I would be wondering if Dr. Bonnie somehow got replaced by a pod person. No one says that you have to wear a mask all the time, if you are outdoors and can social distance then you really don't need to be wearing one. If you are indoors and have
  12. There are anti-maskers in just about every place, so can't really single out anyone in particular. This shouldn't be surprising because there are self-centered a-holes in just about every place. Usually these people's actions only touch those who are close to them, family, friends etc. But now their actions have life-and-death, societal consequences, that's more power than most of them have had in a lifetime. Why wouldn't they revel in their new found ability to get attention from a wider audience? I wish people would stop filming/covering them, just cordon them off and ignore them, don''t put
  13. Children are less at risk of serious health complications due to COVID but as far as I know they aren't immune to contracting the virus or spreading it.
  14. You should totally hold a protest, here is what I expect it will look like... You (+mask)----6 feet----> 'plandemic' crowd (no masks)
  15. So you are telling me that Yeezy was right?!?! Vaccines are the 'mark of the beast'!
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