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Is my mom in trouble?


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Ok, so like one and a half year ago, my mom was over at a friend's to drop off something and while she was leaving she backed into a neighbours car parked across the street.

The neighbours have a surveillence camera and upon seeing the video said it was her friend's car that caused the accident. My mom's car and her friend's car is similiar in color, well at least look like they are from the crapty camera footage, but no license plate can be viewed from the video and our rear lights are located in different places. Also, her friend's vehicle was not even home at the time of the incident lol.

We didn't tell ICBC that we backed into the car, and so they put it on her friend 100% and their insurance went up ( lol ).

What would happen if her friend told ICBC now that it was my mom that actually caused the accident? It's been going on for almost two years now, and is getting really funny. I can''t believe they didn't tell ICBC right off the bat, but they didn't and ended up screwing themselves over. Their insurance went up over a grand!

I dont want this to get messier then it already is, what should we do?!

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What you should do is CHANGE the title before...

INB4 Ya she's in trouble for [insert dirty comment here]

But now you're moms at risk of level 1 insurance fraud or at basis evasion and as such would have to indemnify both the person who's car she hit but ALSO the person who had to pay plus deductible plus any damages and payments said person made.

At the least she's out thousands upon thousands of dollars

At worst possible criminal charges plus fines

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