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Canucks Physical and Mental toughness


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Nonexistent at the moment.

I take it back. That was one of the grittiest, determined and physical efforts I've seen from them in a long time. Never been so glad to be proven wrong. We play like we did every night and we're definitely in the playoffs.

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I'm in Australia and I have to admit that I can't watch many games, but I do listen to most of them streamed on 1040.

Not sure if it's just the feeling/emotion from the commentators, but it seems that nearing the end of close games, if the Canucks are up by 1 or even 2 goals, the other team usually manages to get the goal(s) or put a LOT of pressure on with the extra man with the Canucks goalie facing a lot of pressure/shots in the closing minutes (St Louis Game). On the flip side, when the Canucks are trailing, there doesn't seem to be the same intensity or desperation (exception: Arizona game, Vrbata got the goal to tie but the Canucks couldn't go on to get the extra point in OT).

Mental toughness in this instance is shown by the the Canucks if they can withstand the onslaught to get a regulation win, and/or by exerting offensive pressure the other way to tie the score to force overtime.

Over the long term, Canucks haven't been mentally tough enough to get the result. I can remember all too frequently when Joe Sakic used to find a goal to beat the Canucks late in Avs games.

Easy for me to say of course, but it is this belief/culture/character that needs to instilled in the Canucks to be able to dig deep and get the result against the odds as opposed to giving away 58 minutes of good work to lose in OT. I know that there a lot of factors to be considered (travel schedules, injuries, home/away ice etc) but the Canucks management/scouting should be doing a lot more when assessing a prospect to trade/draft by mentally profiling a player to assess character/mental toughness/leadership attributes as greater importance. In the AFL (Australian Football League) wneh drafting new players, clubs look at mental profiling/attitude being as important as physical attributes and skill.

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A very good observation Bag of Pucks, especially since you are "listening" to the games and not "watching" them. It has been like that since the "Nazzy" era. The "Linden/Bure" era was the last time I saw consistant effort from the team game in and game out. It seemed the more talented the team got the less effort they put out. This rings true with the "Sedin" era as well. I am seeing a different kind of player being drafted of late though which brings much optimism especially with players like Bo playing like he does. I foresee a team with much more mental toughness in the future.

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