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  1. We basically have the Sedin PP except we longer have the Sedins. I think we have had this type of PP for so long we forgot what a different PP would look like. Drop pass to enter the zone, pass,pass,pass,pass,pass lose the puck. Rinse and repeat.
  2. I fully agree, I would love to see Myers stand in front of the net and see the goalie struggle to see around him for a full 2 minutes, that would be quite entertaining. The question is why hasn't there been any changes to the struggling PP or something like that attempted? I remember the days when things didn't go well, the team went back to the basics. I guess we don't see that as a valid strategy on this team.
  3. I guess we have different impressions on what would be effective or not. I see a PP which is very easy to defend and if we don't get that perfect shot we are not going to be successful. If Bo doesn't get his shot or Petey, we aren't scoring. Very rarely do we get traffic in front of the net and when we do, its usually one of our smaller players standing BESIDE the goalie trying to tip it in. Our biggest sniper on the team(other then Petey) is Boeser , yet I rarely see him get good quality shots on net. I just see a player like Jake as a player who could run interference so our younger smaller players can perform. I don't think it takes much skill to cause havoc in front of the net. He can do the same thing along the boards with a team that is more aggressive on the forecheck. Just like our top 6, our #1 PP is just too "one dimensional" which makes them easier to defend against.
  4. And there it is!!! He has been given certain opportunites because thats what the coaches think. The struggling PP remains the same because thats what the coaches think. I am seeing a pattern here.
  5. Do you need to be "Better" and need to "Hustle" to be able to plant your behind in front of the net?
  6. You may be right but what is odd is that Hogs is getting a TRY there in his first year where I don't remember Jake getting that same opportunity in the 6 yers he has been here. Hmmmmm.............
  7. I never understood this either, the PP is slumping so why not try putting a big body in front of the net? Go back to basics and cause havic in front of the net. Maybe we are too "Gentlemanly" still for that kind of hockey.
  8. Everyone? Yeah OK. Jake showed he could produce last year and yet he was demoted back to being a checker. He actually had chemistry with Miller and Petey. That line has basically never tried again. Jake also plays well with Sutter, Green ensures they don't play together anymore. You cannot guarantee anything, Jake showed many times he could play but then was demoted as usual. The playoffs started last year and Jake was benched before it even started! How did he play himself off the roster when the playoffs hadn't even started yet. He was playing during the regular season? I can honeslty say Jake has no regular line or regular line mates in the years he has played here, how many of the rest of the Canucks can say that. Jake looks beat mentally and I always thought the Coach was there to get the best out of his players, not sure that is happening. If Green was able to develope this player like he was supposed to do, he would be a force for us and there would be no reason to go after a Toffoli or a Pearson or a Ferlund to compliment our top 6. People look to blame to Jake but he is young player who should have had been brought in an environment that promoted his development. That hasn't happened.
  9. Its funny fans will give excuses for other players when they are not playing well (i.e. Bo, Boeser, Hughes, Petey)and the Coach will ignore when players such as Petey, Roussel, Pearson and Hughes struggle yet when Jake, Gauds, Mac or OJ make a mistake(or not) they are instantly benched or demoted. We struggle yet the Lotto line remains intact and recieve the lions share of ice time and the #1 PP basically plays the full 2 minutes even when they struggle. This team is not playing as a unit and I wonder why? I am frustrated watching how the coach is treating his players I can just imagine how the players feel or how that messes with the chemistry on the team.
  10. I don't think Jake knows what he is supposed to be doing. I believe he has played on Every Line and has no home on either of them. Your right though, when Jake has a good game there usually is some kind of demotion, immediately. Its weird that a coach treats one of his players like that and I have never seen it before. The coach does have his favorites though.
  11. Good post and I must say this is a nice change to see a discussion with good arguments both ways, minus the "rose colored glasses" crowd and the "doom and gloom" crowd. The glaring concerns I have is that we have not separated ourselves from the "Sedin Era" as our Captain and Coaching strategies have remained basically the same since they left. We heavily rely on the top forwards yet they lack defensive responsibilities hence the terrible +- numbers. The Sedin's numbers looked awful in their latter years as well. Players such as Petey, Hughes and Boes are getting overplayed and their minutes resemble players who are already established in the NHL and not players who are still developing. I think this is counterproductive and is not helping their development. This while our veteran presence sits on the bench and can only watch. AND others wonder why this team lacks, a full 60 minute game, aggressive checking and forechecking and the inability to be able to keep a lead in their game. We have played better rolling 4 lines but Green rarely plays this way, back when we were playing those games when we had 2-3 goal leads, Green still overplayed our young core when we should have been keeping up the energy and at least rolling the 4 lines. Maybe even relying more on the veteran defensive players to keep the lead. The argument with our Captain is valid as well. He is basically Hank 2.0 and has not taken on his own style of leading this team. His checking and aggressive play is similar to Hanks when I think he can contribute way more then he has to date. I seen him also, go "Beast Mode"(last years playoffs) , but that is few and far between and he needs to carry this team on his back more often. I know that our bottom 6 is overpaid but this was a necessity as we basically had no veteran presence playing defensive responsibilities the past few years. We need them to shelter the young, provide veteran presence and provide defensive stability. Are they being deployed effectively by the coach? I don't believe we have found a good balance and effective line combinations yet Green refuses to experiment in this regard. I don't count when he does his "Mish Mash" for a few periods either because this is just a waste of time. No time to develop chemistry or let the players get used to their linemates. I think it just brings about confusion, especially when he just returns to the lines that were not working in the first place. Jake has been a victim of this and people wonder why he is so inconsistent. Gauds is in the same boat and his numbers are not any better. In all of this mess, Jake has had chemistry with Sutter and Miller in short stints in the past but he rarely gets the chance to play with them. The other thing that is painfully obvious is that we need a Veteran presence in the top 6. I like the skills of Boes, Petey and Hogs too but they are all Developing Stars who need guidance from veteran players. They shouldn't be thrown to the wolves without any help. They are not ready for that yet. Miller does not seem to be that "Veteran presence". Could the #1 PP need assistance from veteran presence? It sure looks like something is needed. I believe all of our woes this year boils down to the leadership and coaching and nothing is going to change unless these change. Coach Green and Bo are very likeable guys but so were the Sedins and sometimes the "Nice Guys" finish last. Something none of us want to see happen to our team.
  12. But could you let them play like that for more then 1 or 2 periods before going back to the same old , same old?