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  1. I remember when he first broke in that if he got in scoring position, the puck was in the back of the net. The goalie didn't have a chance. Now, I have seen him get into prime scoring areas and shoots and the goalie makes a save or he misses the net completely. Especially on a couple of breakaways he had. Its not there anymore and I am not a believer in him being a 40 goal scorer anymore. He is still a smart player and playing with the likes of Petey are automatically going to get him assists. Not to mention playing on the top line and #PP. Oh, and by the way, I watch every game they play.
  2. Lets look at the stats shall we? YR GP S S% Assists 17-18 62 179 16.2 26 18-19 69 209 12.4 30 19-20 57 169 9.5 29 His first season when he played 9 games his Shooting % was 16 so the first 2 seasons he was fairly consistent. Then it has dropped the last 2 seasons. As far as the playmaker statement his assists are pretty consistent for the past 3 years so I don't see the "better playmaker" becoming evident.
  3. Nope! Apparently that spot is reserved for Lui E? Coach thinks his "Defensive" ability far out weighs anything else important on this team including developing our young prospects.
  4. I agree 5 Million is a big reason to stay but I would think in the ,very least, he is working with the team to have something worked out where he is paid the majority of his money but he doesn't play here. Develope an itch or something so he can go away gracefully. I really don't care how he does it but he is a huge detriment to what this team is trying to achieve and both parties have to see that. I see the situation getting worse the longer he remains on this team. I sure hope something is in the works for everyones sake.
  5. If he had any pride left he would. I would be embarassed both in that locker room and on the ice. He is lucky there is no fans because I think he would get Booed.
  6. This guy is buttery soft and has no offensive skills what so ever. He has minimal defensive skills which should be served on the 3rd or 4th lines. He has no business being in the top 6 let alone playing in the NHL, period. Lets get the prospects in there so we can see what they can do, I am done with this loser.
  7. This is so true, we should have learned from hanging on to the Sedins too long once they were done. This guy is holding this team back, big time. I would be p!$$&d if this guy was on my team making the money he does playing the way he does. He is a cancer plain and simple, get him far far away from this team please, at what ever cost its going to take.
  8. I still think this was a culmination of the entire season last year. Jake was put into the bottom 6 to learn how to play defensively. At some point in time, it seemed like this happened and Green just decided he was going to be a permanent "Checker". So no trying him out on the #1 PP or not even giving him a sniff on the PK, get him more involved in the game. His answer? Jake makes a mistake, bench him and give him minimal ice time. So in part of the season where the top 6 stopped producing, Green puts Jake in the top 6. He performs at a point per game pace. Boeser? He is put in the bottom 6 and produces nothing. So what happens? They get switched back and so much for getting rewarded for your play. So Jake gets moved all over the place and gets spotty time in the top 6 at best, sometimes getting a game, or a period or two but mostly it was just a shift or two. The thing that bothers me is that this is all the while we are supposed to be developing our young guys, not having pitty on "has beens" and playing them because they are way overpaid. What a waste! So the playoffs come and I guess Green told Jake he is not playing and benches him. Oh oh, an injury occurs and Jake now has to be played when obviously the coach wished other wise. If Jake was given all the opportunity to succeed and failed, then fine, lets move on, but I don't believe this coach has given him the opportunity to succeed when he just waits for a mistake and benches him. Just look what that has done to his confidence he looks lost out there and afraid to make a mistake. Put him in the top 6, leave him there and give him more then 10-12 minutes a night ,and then , decide whether he "gets it" or not.
  9. When I first started watching him, when ever he was able to get into a good scoring position, that puck was buried and the goalie had no chance. Now, I have seen him have numerous chances where he was one on one with the goalie and his shot looked "normal" and the goalie made easy saves. I really thought he was going to be our next "Bure" and I was relieved to have a "sniper" on our team again. I am thinking that he has wrist problems still as I would think they would be using his one timer on the PP. It was nice to see it in the playoffs but they never attempted to use it all year. Even others were saying to use him on one side and Petey on the other on the PP with their one timers. Anyway, hoping he scores more then 16 goals this year.
  10. I could see that as well, sign these two and I would say we would be set for the season.
  11. His lethal shot that he had when he first broke in is no longer there. I don't see him as a "Sniper" anymore, a good smart player , yes, but his days of scoring at will are behind him. Maybe that tape he wears on his wrist has something to do with it I don't know. I believe he was moved around because he wasn't producing, which became worse when he was moved out of the top 6. His point production, and especially scoring, is trending in the wrong direction.
  12. If he manages to get any regular time in the top 6 he definitely could improve his numbers easily. Thats if our coach values our young prospects over Lost Lui.
  13. He does have a resume which shows continued progression even with the limited ice time. I see him coming in around 3.5 to 3.75 for 3-4 years.
  14. X2 The idea is to improve the team, Sutter can still play, LE?
  15. Yeah I agree, our time to fill the roster with "Plugs" has past.