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  1. This. If Green would mix up his lines we could have a better chance. Bo's line becomes more effective when the opposition plays tight checking , physical , playoff type hockey.
  2. Typical fans inserting rookies before they have played one game in the NHL. If Jake gets outplayed for his spot on the roster then so be it , but Jake is the Guy playing in the NHL right now . Lets just let the chips fall where they may and we field the best line up possible when the season starts. Too much whining and complaining going on here if you ask me.
  3. Our team is SOFT! Sometimes blinders do that to some people when they have a "Hate On" for a specific player. Not many have the ability to hit and make it count on this team. I don't care who hits on this team but somebody needs to. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that Jake is not playing up to his potential and may never will. He is not making 6 million either so theres that. He plays defensively responsible, hits and on ocassion, puts up points. So he is being accused, but not much else and so there is "innocent until proven guilty" last time I checked. LIke I sa
  4. I'm sorry I was still under the assumption that these were allegations still and he has not been convicted of anything. He is still an effective player that this team needs and i have no problem seeing him in a Canuck uni if the allegations are disproved. He definitey has issues but no player in the line up is perfect and without weaknesses. I think some on here are taking this way too personal IMO.
  5. Good riddance to this guy, so tired of these so called character players. At the end of the day, all he cares about is money even though he has collected millions over the years. After Linden's departure , the only real players i miss are Burr and The Honey Badger. Real "Team" players. I think from here on out if any of these overpaid p#kes don't take a fair offer from the team? Beat it! They usually choke during the playoffs anyway. End of rant.
  6. Exactly this. We need to stop overpaying and history on this team has shown this. Fair market value and if that cannot be achieved, they walk and we move on to the next available. Don't care about sentiment about this player or that one, just build a winning team, period. Management owes it to the fans and the team.
  7. I am unfortunately with you on this one. For too many years I have watched the team flourish in the regular season and then we know what happens in the playoffs. I really thought we had the character players on this team to succeed in the post season but I see nothing of the sort anymore. I find they are not even entertaining anymore. I guess I was spoiled watching Bure night in and night out for too many years as well as watching Linden excel in the playoffs. I don't think the GM or the coaches have helped much either so we are where we are, unfortunately.
  8. I thought Superstars took care of themselves like this............ MUST SEE Marchand punches Daniel 06/13/2011 - YouTube
  9. Worrying about Jake is the least of our problems at this point. Its funny people on here are crying to get rid of these "Free Agency" type players yet they are an answer to our problems? Way too much concern here on a 2 million dollar player who's contract expires next year. I think people like to complain just for the sake of complaining me thinks.
  10. Oh OK, I guess all of our push back is going to come from 1 player who has never played in the NHL yet. Cool plan. The others are going to come from where, Free Agent frenzy then?
  11. No matter whether he remains here or not we need to ensure this type of player still needs to be in our line up. A young, tough, gritty player with size,who could contribute offensively on occasion, is needed on a team with mostly smaller non-aggressive players such as Petey, Boeser, Bo, Hughes, Gaudette and OJ etc. We are nearing our end of the veteran presence players such as Sutter, Beagle, Roussel and Edler. Without players such as Jake, we are going to continue to be "1 and out" playoff contenders who do not have enough grit to compete with some of the better playoff tea
  12. I think a lot of this is based on unrealistic expectations of Jake, probably because of where he was drafted. From watching how he has been deployed, it looks like he has been used as a swiss army knife and deployed on every line on this club and played with pretty much every player on this team. No chance for chemistry or to get used of any one players tendancies. By now, you would think that the coach would know what his capabilities are and pair him on a line in which he can be successful, and leave him there. From what I have noticed, his assets are his speed, ability to g
  13. NO matter how you describe him, he is a much needed commodity ,moving forward, which is not easily replaced. Even if it is a slight risk of losing him it is a "RISK" , non the less.
  14. LOL! A 6' 8" , 229 lb , Mobile, NHL proven Dmen with Offensive prowess do not grow on trees. Protecting him in the draft is a no brainer. You NEED a player like this if you want to be successful in the Playoffs.
  15. I agree, 8 seasons with ROOKIE Coaching has been long enough, time to go back to the big leaguers. Go back to Developing the prospects in the minors and get a coach who can build a Championship Team in the NHL. The building blocks are there, they just need to be honed in to perfection now. Might be time for JB too, he has brought us great prospects but he is just not very good at the other responsibilities of a GM.
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