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Hey, I was wondering is there any places to get Canucks hoodies with player names and numbers on the back?

Something like this: http://shop.nhl.com/Vancouver_Canucks_Custom_Shop/Mens_Vancouver_Canucks_Custom_Hooded_Sweatshirt-#eyJzYyI6W3sibCI6MSwiYyI6MzYzMSwiY3AiOltdfV0sInN2Ijo2MTgsInNvIjotMX0=

On that website, you're not allowed to customize real player names and numbers. So I was curious if there's any other websites or stores that I could do something similar to this?

I would like to get a Horvat hoodie, think it would be pretty cool. Thanks in advance!

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What about putting the number on the hood?

So that it's upside down when you put it over your head? No thanks.

But for the OP, check with the Canucks Team Store, local jersey stores, etc. or just get a hoodie you like and take it to a local screening place and get the number/name put on. You could even try using an official number set.

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