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Trade value of Dustin Tokarski

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In amongst all of the possible goalie movements this summer, one goalie that has been out of the loop has been Dustin Tokarski. Today he certainly doesn't have the value or interest level of guys like Lehner, Lack, or Gibson, but I doubt he is going to want to spend his career backing up Price in Montreal. Personally I think he does deserve a shot at being a starting goalie somewhere in the near future, and does have another couple years to grow and prove himself. At the draft I don't see Tokarski going for much if he was traded on his own, but if Montreal were to try and go for a blockbuster deal and get a well-known goal scorer I can at least see Tokarski being a decent piece in that trade.

Tokarski I think is a year away before his name becomes more intriguing on the trade market. If anything I can see Tokarski spending next season backing up Price again, and either during the year or next summer can be traded to some where like Dallas and steal the net from Lehtonen. Or if anything if teams like Buffalo or San Jose don't get one of the goalies on the market this summer, MAYBE they can give Montreal a call and see if Tokarski is available.

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