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Sleeping with a guy.


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Hey guys, 

Looking at thoughts, opinions, and questions on my current situation.

I'm 20 and have a husband that loves his car more than he loves me. I obviously have no aspirations, standards or capability whatsoever because I am staying at my husband's place which has no hydro since April. That's 4 months of no electricity.


Well, being married, I still want to have fun. So I ended up meeting up with a friend who is having some serious troubles with his girlfriends.  He seems like a great catch but the women he sees screw him over. He didn't mind that I was married.

So I slept with him and plan to again. We made clear no feelings, just sex. I'm maybe thinking about another guy too.


Did I mention my husband is a loser?

Am I a bad woman? If you say I am... you're sexist!



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