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Salary Cap with Trading - Small World Style


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Carrying the legacy of Small World... 

- You manage a team of 12 players; 3 centers, 4 wingers,3 defensemen and 2 goalies.

- You get 5 trades every week, which roll over to the following week if you don't use them.

- The cost of players goes up and down each day depending on how many managers are buying and selling them, analogous to the stock market.


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But you don't buy other teams trash.


You've got 50 million to start off with and you buy any player you like/can afford. Than, as the season proceeds, the skaters will vary in value due to the managers buying/selling them. I.e. if a lot of managers buy Henrik Sedin on the same day he will at the end of that day gain a lot of value. Than, if you sell him the following day you can cash in on that profit you've made.


The main focus is on gaining points though, but if you're good at the business part you will get a higher salary cap as you go along.

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