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European Skill/NA Heart Meaning


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Everyone is so focused on Bennings recent comment about European skill and NA heart. The politically correct group thinks it's a bad thing. 


Stop. Just stop. At least to me, you guys are making yourself look really bad the way you're handling this. 


This has a very distinct meaning and I sencerely hope I'm not the first to realize this. 


Lets take it bit by bit.


European skill:

If I were to ask you what European hockey leagues focused on the most, the answer would likely be SKILL. Proof? Ovechkin. Kovalchuk. Landeskog. Sedins. Bure. Alfredsson. Mogilny. The skill they learn is often different from NA skill.


North American heart:

Hockey is NA's game with many many many many fans for each team. They want to see their team win and show in a variety of ways. Fans have HEART. NA hockey players are taught in Peewee or whatever that you need drive, determination, and HEART. THE WILLINGNESS AND THE NEED TO GET BETTER. 


So when Benning says European skill and NA heart, he doesn't mean anything plotically correct, he means a select skill set with drive and determination. 


Trust in our GM guys. He, usually, thinks everything through in all aspects. 



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Did you even bother to search for a thread on this before posting? This did not require a new thread. It already exists. Also, thanks for stating the obvious, anyone who knows hockey knows what he meant, it's just people in the media who want to make him into a villain. Canadian media is disgusting in this regard, always on a witch-hunt for political incorrectness.

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