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Canucks.com Calendar Screen Saver 1999


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Where can I find old Canucks.com Calendar Screen Saver from 1999? It was posted for download back then.

Tried searching old canucks.com using Retro Wayback Machine but I don't see it anywhere. Also, I tried searching google but can't find it, either.

Here's a few screenshots of what it looks like when had it on old computer: 













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ahhh donald brashear what a great player :P ( in the 2nd image :P ) 


Love all the goons in yesterdays 


sucks the game has changed so much :( a good brawl here and there or a good fight always made things better esp if your losing the game, now u hardly see any of that, and its like if u even touch anyone anymore u get a penalty :( NHL turning into a little girls game


And Nice darkpoet :) 

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