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Just for fun: Junk food playoff bracket

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The playoff bracket is almost set for the Junk Food playoffs.  Two conferences of 8 teams each will play off against each other to determine the 2018 Calorie Cup Champion!

High Sodium Conference

1. Nachos
2. Poutine
3. Hot wings
4. Onion rings
5. Sliders
6. Calamari
7. Potato skins

Jalapeno poppers will play a one game elimination vs deep-fried mozzarella sticks for 8th.

Glucose Overload Conference

1. Ice cream sundae
2. New York cheesecake
3. Dairy Queen ice cream cake
4, Black Forest cake
5. Chocolate mousse
6. Lemon meringue pie
7. Tiramisu

Butter tarts and Rice Krispie squares are facing off against each other in the GO conference for the final playoff spot.

The format is simple:

For each round I will post a poll thread showing each playoff matchup, and you will be able to choose a winner from each series.  Whichever item(s) get the highest number of votes will move on to the next round.

By a strange coincidence, each round will end at the same time as the corresponding round of the NHL Stanley Cup championship.

The play-in round will start today and involve the bottom two teams from each conference in a wild card elimination.  The playoffs will start properly on April 11.

Use this thread to hype your choices and discuss the tournament, and may the best food win!

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The long march to the finals is over and the final playoff matchup is set. Here is the updated bracket:



Nachos will represent the High Sodium Conference in a best-of-seven series with ice cream sundae, champion of the Glucose Overload Conference!

A battle of salty versus sweet, of crunchy versus smooth, of Old World versus New. Which cuisine will reign supreme?

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