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just win

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It all starts with one fan.  Just start chanting loudly and proudly and the rest will join in.  If you’ve never done it, try it next game, it’s a rush hearing an entire arena cheering, even more so if it started where your sitting from.   Don’t understand why it’s policed so much now, but Don’t let that stop you.  Bring out the boo birds too when a call is missed or to pick on an enemy.  Harass the goalies.  The players themselves will feed off the energy, by reading some of these posts it looks like the fans need to take the building back, and to make it harder for the other teams.   If you get told to be quite challenge that security guard.  It’s ridiculous that they would do that and don’t make it easy on them either.  Eventually they will tone it down, and the building will go back to how it’s supposed to be - raucous and exciting.

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